How to choose a niche for a blog?

If you go through those thousands of E-books, who claim to tell you the "secrets" on how to make a money making blog, the very one thing which is missing and with which it, it’s useless to tell the rest and that’s how to find a niche for a site.

So i will be giving you this idea for free, yes free. Okay, so there would be three types of niche sites.

Authority niche site
Mini authority niche site
Mini/micro niche site

I will discuss first of and will make two follow up posts for rest of the two later.

Authority niche site:

These sites are those who are on a niche but cover many niches and topics under one site name. Example would be my site Simple soup recipes; this site covers a niche which is simple soup recipes. Soup would be an authority site, (niche: A sub topic of a main topic, specifically targeting topic to specific class of people) it is covering soup recipes for those people who want it to be simple and fast.


Far more visitors than the other two.
People are more willing to pay.
Credibility is way more.
You can diversify your income streams.
You are not bounded to that niche only
Like my soup site, I have made many sub topics of the main sub topic, like simple tomato soup recipe. What these sites do is leave a reason for a reader to bookmark the page or visit again. People probably come to know that these sites are regularly updated so they need to visit that again and again.


Much more time to gain trust.
Much more time to get good SERPS.
Need to be regularly updated.
People tend to contact more on these sites, so you also need to keep replying.
New is not enough, i mean to say that it’s quite common to bear a year before you think you have made it.
So back to my site, it’s newly established, it needs to be regularly updated, and it would require a lot of SEO optimization.

But still i haven't told you how to choose a niche for a blog. For authority niche sites i would suggest to stick with these universal, high paying and ever green niches.

Self-help: everyone wants to "THE ONE" so making people know how to be, how to enhance, how to act good type of things work really well.

Health: 20th century brought the biggest trend to follow the health, so health could be an ever green niche. My blog soup recipes are also a part of that huge industry.

make money: if you never made money please don’t try this because there a many people who are doing this and finding nothing, if you haven’t earned, this topic doesn’t need you.

Education: By far one of my hot favorites and I will go for this topic, huge turnover and if you are able to build trust then you will feel like a king.

Solving problems/ tips: This can be a mix of anything, but people use internet to solve their problems and you also do it so think about a large opportunity.

Vehicles: After i saw how big industry that is i had to put it in this list, go through this niche in detail and observe what you are missing.

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