Comments for Traffic and Cash

At other people’s blog is an easy and simple way to get more visitors to your blog. The best thing about it is if you choose blogs that are related to yours and comment wisely, the people who come to your blog will be seeking the exact information you have to offer. In order to successfully comment on other people’s blogs it is important to follow some easy and simple tricks. I successfully commenting on other blogs you will drive traffic to your blog and in turn he will earn money off of your blog if you have advertisements and other moneymaking methods in place. Commenting other peoples blogs is essential to keeping your blog alive and active.

The first thing you will want to do is fine but locating blogs that are in the same niches you. You can probably already find some off of the top of your head or by doing a Google search for them. If you want to look up only blogs is going to use a site like Google’s blog search and Technorati. When you find similar blogs it is important to subscribe to their RSS feeds so that you may be notified when there are new postings. You can also get Google to notify you when a blog is updated by setting up Google alerts. You can learn how Google alerts work by simply typing in “Google alerts” into the Google search engine. I find blogs that target the same readers that you are targeting you are finding people who will want to read what you have to write about. In order to get the most trafficked from commenting other people’s blogs you will want to look for blogs that get a lot of traffic, it helps to be aware of that blogs are Alexa rating. Even if a blog does not receive the kind of traffic and may be a good place for you to comment if the visitors are part of your target audience so it is important to comment on a broad spectrum of blogs that get different levels of traffic.

After tracking down a list of blogs that you would like to comment regularly on you will need to write good comments were these blogs. That means you need to have an opinion because you, your comment should enhance the discussion at hand. You can enhance discussion by taking an argumentative stance, pointing out missing information, making a suggestion or simply discussing your personal feelings on the issue at hand. It is acceptable for you to disagree with a blogger in your comments in fact it helps enhance discussion even. However, you want to be polite when you disagree. It is best to attack and the arguments and not the writer.

When posting your link in a comment you want to use it sparingly. It is best to put a link in the link provided space instead of inside your actual comment. However, there are times when posting your link in the actual comment is useful. This is helpful in cases where a particular blog post of yours will help enhance the discussion. For instance if you have a disagreement blog post or a blog post that has different information or contradicting information than the blog you are posting a comment on then it might be a good idea to link to your particular blog posts.

Once you have begun commenting wisely, you will begin to have unlimited blogs excess. This will give you lots of link backs and lots of visitors. Which generally translates to lots of money if you have money making methods installed on your blog already.

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