What are the Drawbacks of Selling a Blog?

There are many bloggers who have established their blog with good search engine rankings and enormous readership base. So there are many purchasers who are willing to shop for these blogs for a really handsome amount. Although the compensation might look good as an outsized payment – there also are many disadvantages that the vendor will feel afterward . It is very important that a seller should know what are the drawbacks that he will face after selling his blog? In fact, the entire decision of selling a blog should only be done after careful consideration and thinking.

Here is a list of drawbacks for the blogger who wants to sell their blog:

1. Monthly Revenue

Your blog is a monthly revenue source of income generation of varying amounts no doubt but the compensation was good. When you sell your blog, you've got essentially rid yourself out of a source of normal income for an extended time. Also, there's a high possibility that the quantity you were purchased the blog are going to be earned by the customer during a few months after buying it from you. Your blog is like an asset, it'll keep paying you as long as it’s popular – once you sell it, the sole money you've got is that the money you were paid for.

2. Content

This is a clear drawback of selling your blog. All the content that you simply wrote for the blog to succeed in where it's today automatically becomes the property of the customer . Quality content is the main stay of any blog and you have to give it all away along with the domain rights.

3. Readers

When you were blogging, many readers were associated to you as well as your blog. When you sell the blog, you lose an enormous chunk of the readership base and your email subscribers who could have resulted during a lot of affiliate sales for you.

4. Emotional Attachment

A blogger is extremely attached to his blog, especially once the blog gets popular. The blogger features a lot of emotional sensitivity towards his blog since he has nurtured it from ground zero to the extent it's reached today. The amount of hard work involved in giving a blog momentum to success is basically tons . It all goes to the customer when he pays you.

So you need to think about these points and whether you are okay with these before you finally decide to sell your blog. Starting a replacement blog although fun, isn't that easy to form successful.

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