Using Twitter For Blog Marketing and Traffic

To Tweet or Not To Tweet Is the Question

Some serious marketers are dubious about using Twitter for blog marketing and traffic; yet there are many, like Ewen Chia, who swear by it.

If you do decide to use this strategy, the first thing to do is ensure that you know Twitters rules thoroughly about tweeting and spamming. They will dump you like a hot rock if all you do is plug your products.

Twitter, is in their opinion, for social communication – so they like to maintain that – but, they don’t mind marketing, if it is proportionate to social interaction.

Proportionate is a key word here – in other words, don’t over do it. It would be disastrous, let alone discouraging, to build up 5000 followers and then lose them through a breach of Twitter’s rules.

An example of how to tweet reasonably as suggested by Ewen Chia – it goes like this:

1. Make a general comment
2. Put in a joke or quote
3. Comment again – politics, events etc
4. A re-tweet – someone’s tweet you liked
5. Joke again
6. The, only then, make your sales pitch – directing readers to your squeeze page.

Somewhere between 5-8 tweets – repeated am, pm, and evening.

You can get thousands of followers without using techniques that get you into trouble. I have nearly 10,000 (2 accounts) and I only tweet once or twice a week – in a good week!

And, you don’t have to pay to get good information and ideas about effective Twittering. Also, be prepared for a bit of trial and error – as that is a good way to learn.

When you Tweet – be interesting - be a bit different – boring tweets and tweeters soon get unfollowed.

Give away good stuff – information, e-books and so on on that are actually worthwhile.

Sometimes do it through a squeeze page so you can get them onto your list, at other times just give it. This will help build your reputation.

Followers and Following

Your “followers” numbers can be much higher than your “following” number, but not the other way around. Following – folks you follow and Followers – folks that follow you.

Many people you follow will follow you back. Those that don’t can be dumped later – or use something Social Oomph to do this for you. Keeping a balance between the two is important for good standing with Twitter.

If you have much higher following numbers than your followers, it is often seen as suss by Twitter and they can dump you – it seems like you are only in it for spamming.

When to Twitter?

Basically, it is up to you. Practically speaking – don’t be obsessive. Set aside a time each day; 10-30 minutes is all that should be needed and tweet etc then. Or do it while you are watching the TV – during the commercials.

In other words, it doesn’t have to interfere with your main internet business activities.

Get a couple of apps that can automate activities for you – then it won’t matter if you miss a day or a week of tweeting.

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