Top 20 best ways to drive traffic on your blog?

Top 20 best ways to drive traffic on your blog

Top 20 best ways to drive traffic on your blog

After creating a blog, every blog owner dreams to drive a huge traffic on their blog. Here in this post, we will discuss the top 20 best ways to drive traffic on your blog.

Today I want to reveal some of the basic seo tips for your blog. If you follow the 20 ways, you will definitely increase traffic to your blog.

>> One of the oldest method ,Write and submit articles ,still it works .this will be indefinite traffic stuck in search engine for your blog.write unique quality articles that not posted any where on web.

>> Write and submit press releases.

>> Always link back to your blog entries also write and ping.

>> Submit your site to open directories.

>> Keep updating content on your website.

>> Encourage readers to comment on your blog posts.

>> Sponsor a charity, most charity webs will link back to you.

>> Contact small newsletter sources and submit your article on them.

>> Build a list of subscribers; if you utilize it properly it will be a good asset to you.

>> Add a book mark option to your website.

>> Try to get links from other high page rank website/blog with in your niche.

>> The more one way link to your website the higher your page rank will come.

>> Offer some thing for free, like e-books or any service related, that user’s interested in. it will attract readers.

>> Test, compare, and analyze your blog monthly.

>> Syndicate your content using any RSS feed dispatcher.

>> Provide answers on yahoo and Google groups with a link back to your website.

>> Use a Favicon for your site.

>> Make sure no broken link in your web blog.

>> Spell correctly when you using keywords.

>> Try to avoid java scripts as much as possible.

>> Write some things new, controversial also write and publish an E-book.

I know there are too many other methods too, Please add those in your comments.

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