Top 10 Best Content Writing Tips For A Blog Post


Hello Readers, In this post we will discuss the top 10 best content writing tips and tricks you should follow while writing a blog post.

Content is the only reason because of which any readers will visit your blog. They will never visit your website to see your template or pictures used in your website. The thing they need from your website is the content or information related to their query in the form of high quality posts. 

Learning how to write a great content is very important for your blog’s success because a blog without content won’t have readers but a blog with thousands of good informative articles will have huge traffic and readers and thus it will help you to earn money forever. Writing great content is not just about writing like if you are in an university exam but it is about learning how to write for the internet.

Thus, content inside any blog post plays a key role in a blog success. Writing good content will help you to attract more visitors to your blog and this is the reason why content is also known as king of any blog.

Here are some important guidelines listed below which you need to follow in order to write high quality posts:

1. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ): All your posts should obey to basic SEO rules which means that your articles should have the right keywords at the right place and in the right amount, not too many and not too little.

2. Rich Keywords: Articles are judged by the keywords they contain. Aim to write keyword rich articles with a keyword density between 2-3%, this is the best keyword density ratio as stated by Ezine Articles in their official article marketing course.

3. Follow Google Guidelines: Your posts should adhere to Google’s guidelines or they won’t rank that high. Do not write spammy content with too many keywords, do not write articles just promoting a website with too many links to it, do not write huge articles or tiny articles, keep the word count between 400 and 700 words. Wikipedia articles are the exception ranking so high with such huge articles.

4. Write Regularly: Google and readers love fresh content every hour. If you are not capable of updating your blog every hour, then at least you need to update it every day. Your content should be as fresh as possible. Writing on a daily basis becomes easier as time goes by since you train your brain and fingers to write faster and for longer.

5. Write About Legal Topics: No need to say that if you write about bad topics, you will be out of Google and soon you will see the police coming at your door. So, better focus on legal topics which is new and trending, and a reader is eagerly searching it on the web to read through it.

6. Avoid Immoral Topics: Topics such as casinos, etc, are not the best topics to write about since there are so many scams for these topics. Google does not love that kind of content and you can get links from scam websites which will only lower your search engine ranks. Write only about good and trending topics.

7. Avoid Infamous Topics: Topics which are not famous such as history have no searches and very little financial value. Instead write about business, insurance, loans, credit, share market, deposits, investment, tax or anything that says about money has money in it. These are the most searched topics and both search engines and peoples love them.

8. Write About Evergreen Topics: Write your content on some evergreen topics which never dies as they will have traffic and searches forever. For example if you write about news, the topic will be valuable only for a few hours, maybe a few days at best. However if you write about science or facts, that topic will have traffic almost forever, unless the competition starts to write about such topics and manage to rank higher than you do.

9. Use Easy Words: Always use easy words while writing your content. Keep yourself as a visitor of your blog and read through each blog post once before publishing. If you found any difficult words inside your post, replace it with some alternate easy words or explain the meaning of the required word within a brackets ( braces ).

10. Avoid Writing Long Paragraph: We should always write a long article with an average of 600-700 words per article. But this doesn't mean that you complete the full article in a paragraph. This can lead to lose of reader's interest. So, it's compulsory to break a article by small small paragraph, which really make your article attractive as well as maintain your visitor's interest.

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