The Service Blog Model - A Great Blog Monetization Technique

Are you good at something and know many people would benefit from your skills? Can you code PHP tools or perhaps write applications in C++? What about design, are you able to work some Voodoo with Photoshop? If so, this method is perfect for you.  The service blog model is all about putting your unique skills to work for you, this means that if you execute this model you will become your own boss, you will be responsible for getting things done in a timely manner, you will have to coordinate your business contacts and you will have to become good at managing your own time.

The Service Model Explained:

This is a very effective online business model which can provide revenue from day one, however compared to all other revenue generating techniques this is the one which requires the most work from your part, you will not make money by sitting around, making a few sales and waiting to receive checks, instead you need to engage yourself in a community where your skills are in demand, many people use freelance websites to offer their services, you can use forums and any other tool which has built an active community.

The earning potential is actually open to your capacity and service pricing, for instance there are people who recruit freelancers to work for them and they sale the services to interested clients who pay this “middle man” for the services; others prefer to go solo to create their own business contacts; whatever method you use make sure you make some friends who could refer your services or provide valuable testimonials.

Services You Could Offer:

Some people are blog/tech savvy, this means that they researched blogging tools so much that they are able to design entire themes from scratch, these people are able to provide this skill to many interested webmasters, with thousands of new blogs emerging everyday this business provides many opportunities.

Others don’t do anything related to blogs or technology but decide to provide personal couching or personal development advice because they have studied the subject, if this is the case then writing an ebook would be  a good idea.

What if you don’t know anything? - Don’t worry, there has to be something you are good at, even youngsters who spend most of their time playing games can find a great market they can profit from.  For instance, if you play games 24X7 you can create your very own ebook with special tutorials, tips and even cheat codes you have used to pass difficult stages of different games and believe me, the gaming industry is huge and highly addictive, if you don’t believe it then do a quick research about the World of Warcraft, you will see what I mean!

As you see the service model has something for everyone, but the most important thing is to position yourself as an expert in the field, tell people about the benefits of hiring you and how your skills could be of great help for their business.

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