The importance of a good wordpress design

In trying to build an online presence, some people fail to take into consideration the importance of a good design. Don’t get me wrong, there are other important factors for a blog, but a good solid design is imperative to your site’s success.

I am not saying that you should go out and get a loud flash header with audio and fireworks. What I am saying is that there is a correlation between the “stickyness” (the amount of people that want to return to your site) and the design. Now design by itself, will not do it for you. You need some good content on their as well. But if you wrap that content with the right design your blog will go even further.

Most people are very sight oriented. They are influenced by what they see. This is the reason why advertisers use so much imagery in commercials to help sell their product. They want to entice you into buying what they have to sell.

Let’s say you wanted to go and buy a car. You hop in your old car and drive on down to the local car dealer. A salesperson walks up to you and tries to assist you with your needs. Let’s say that he shows you two identical cars.

The only difference is that one car has a bunch of dents in it, the paint is faded, the rims are dull and the car looks absolutely crappy. The other car is cherry, no dents, there is a fresh coat of paint on it and it looks brand new. Which car would you buy? Most people would choose the car that looks good.

The same can be applied to websites. They don’t have to be fancy. They don’t have to have animation or out of this world graphics. You just need to have a solid user-friendly design that will compliment your content.

The design should be related to your content and chosen based on your demographic. If you have a wedding website, your website should reflect soft feminine images combined with a decidedly feminine flavor to it. You should do this because the people who are going to be visiting your site are going to be predominantly female. By using irrelevant images or color schemes users will easily click on the back button and head away from your site. You do not want to lose hard-earned visitors due to a poor design.

A good idea to help with the design would be, to take a look at the other blog sites on your topic in Google. It is pretty easy all you have to do is type in “your topic” and then blog. Google now even has a blog search feature. If you click on the more drop down you will see that you can search through blogs. Once you find a blog that is similar to yours, take a look at it. Write down the things that you like about it and the things that you dislike about it. Once you have that list, now find a good wordpress theme or a good wordpress theme designer and get that site up and rolling!

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