The Feelings of Blog Monetization

People tend to have strong feelings when it comes to commercializing their blog. Some people find that it is unethical and immoral to make money off of blogging. If you happen to be one of those people that feel that way then there is a simple answer to your problem. Just do not commercialize your blog. Sometimes people will have mixed feelings about commercializing their blogs. If you fall into this category then you will want to sort out those feelings. Finally, if you think it’s a great thing to make money off of your blog then that is fine too. Matter what you think you’ll want to sort out exactly how you feel about blogging because once you have sorted that out it will determine the direction in which your blog will go.

Generating income from a blog is difficult enough and you do not want to be worrying about self-doubt or whether or not you’re doing the “correct” thing. So therefore you should not only think that it is good to make money with a blog it should also feel great to make money with your blog. When you get that money in the mail or via PayPal you should feel happy and in good about yourself for accomplishing something. If you do not feel this way or you feel somewhat guilty then perhaps blogging for money is not for you. Blogging for money is not about being selfish. It is about balancing your needs and the needs of others in a manner that is acceptable and presentable. Perhaps what you need is to make enough money to host your blog. If this is the case that maybe you would feel guilty if you’re more money than what you needed to host your blog. If this was the case then you could limit your income streams so that you do not earn more money than you actually need.  By doing this you are balancing your needs with the needs of others.

Or perhaps you have a whole family does work and you want to earn a living by blogging. Then it is time to really begin to blog for income. Once you have decided to blog for a large amount of income, then do not be coy were shy about blogging and for income. If you are going to put up that has been really put the ads up on your website don’t just stick them in a little corner where nobody will click on them or visit. If you decide to request donations then you will want to really request those donations. But your donation button so that is visible by visitors. If you decide to sell products, then really sell those products to market them correctly. Fully commit yourself to making money off of your blog. Do not put in less than 100%.

Sorting out your feelings can be tough. However, if you figure out what works for you then you will be able to go in that direction. It might be that you do not put up any advertisements on your blog nor do you sell any products in your blog. Or it may be that you sell a little bit of advertisement or you may be belonging to make a lot of money and therefore you will want to sell for the maximum profit.

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