SEO–The best methods to optimize your single post/page

SEO–The best methods to optimize your single post page

SEO means search engine optimization, which makes your website or blog compatible with search engines. SEO will give better results for your blog and website on search engines. You can rank well in search engines if your single blog posts/pages optimized for SEO.

How can you optimize single blog posts/pages ?

There are different method’s available to optimize a single blog post/page on any website.Today I come with some of the best methods that we can implement in our blog posts/pages.

Title of the post

Title of your blog posts/pages plays a vital role in optimizing your blog. Search engines and the online content searchers look for unique title on the web.Quality Title will make big difference to your posts/pages. Make sure you have targeted keyword in your title related to your content body.Create title of your blog posts/pages using suggestions from keyword tools. There are several keyword tools available in free mode and paid mode. One of the best one and most reputed one will be Google Ad Words keyword analyzer.

Add Description to your post

Description is considered as the second part in single page/post search engine optimization. Important fact about description is that search engines will index these description in search queries. Make sure you are adding proper description tag on your blog pages and posts.

Body of your post

As you know content is the king, Make sure your post content have relevant keyword density. One more thing you have to take care include the spelling and grammar of your entire post. A well written article must be away from grammar and spell mistakes. Search engine love articles with minimum 10-15 can increase or decrease it depending on your article or post  word count.


Tag‘s are the fourth important factor in making a normal single page /post in to a SEO optimized post/page. You should have a positive mind on selection of Tag’s or labels.

You can use all these above methods to optimize your blog/website page/post Search engine optimized. I am not putting all those SEO optimization methods here I  am only showing you some of the best one for single post SEO. If I missed out any one please add it in your comments.

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