Selling Ad Space to Monetize your Blog

One of the most specialized ways to create revenue from your blog is by selling ad space to interested clients or to companies which work within the niche your site targets.  There are several factors you need to consider before selling ad space in your blog, the first step is knowing that if your blog’s main monetization method is ad space sales then you shouldn’t have any other advertising method in place, if you do this additional monetization method will steal traffic and focus from those ads which have been paid by your clients. In order for this technique to work you need to have a live audience (traffic) and if your blog or inner pages rank high you will obviously be able to charge a higher premium.

Creating a Content Driven Blog:

As you know, in order for any blog monetization method to work you need to offer quality content to your visitors, this content must be refreshed on a daily basis if possible.  Creating content which appeals to your visitors and niche will get you several valuable incoming links which will in term increase your page rank. Relevant link exchanges will also help you rank higher and are great sources of traffic.

Your content must be keyword rich and SEO’d in order to help you rank high for the keywords you are targeting and to attract the right audience, make sure to organize this content properly and to optimize your site as much as possible, this will ensure you have a fast website ready to load and serve advertisements upon request.


This method is said to be specialized simply because your site must have decent traffic in order to attract people interested in promoting their services in it, if it doesn’t have responsive traffic then your efforts will be wasted just like your advertiser’s investment.  Keeping your advertisers happy is a key factor to make this blog monetization model work, in other words, if your blog traffic is very targeted and plentiful then your advertisers will want to extend their subscription as long as possible, if they do it only means that your site’s traffic is working perfectly with their offers which benefits you both.

Cost per number of Impressions vs. Monthly Subscriptions:

Blog owners may charge based on a certain number of advertisements impressions or based on a monthly subscription, the difference among these two is that the first one is based on the amount of times their ad is being displayed to potential buyers (regardless of actual clicks or sales) and the second method offers unlimited impressions which should be paid on a monthly basis.

CPM or cost per thousand is only effective when you have thousands of visitors a month; this method is very similar to Free-way advertising, people driving by will be able to see the advertisement and those who are interested in the offer will click it and land on a page designated and maintain by your client.

Monthly subscriptions are the standard ad space selling method because you charge a flat fee to your advertisers for a specific period of time.  Some webmasters will also change different rates according to ad placement, meaning that if you know certain areas within your site get many clicks compared to other areas you can charge a higher premium to advertisers who want their banners to be placed in high traffic zones.  This is a very sustainable method if your site is big and gets thousands of page view every month.

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