Revenue Share Blog Monetization Method

Creating a steady source of income is essential for every webmaster or online entrepreneur who wants to eventually be able to quit their daytime job or simply create an additional source of income.  When it comes to websites, particularly blogs, there are several methods to monetize and create income from your posts, however the most fundamental principle revolves around the fact that content is king, once you have understood this concept then we can review different ways to monetize your blog.

Rev Share Affiliate Programs:

Revenue share or rev. share programs for short, are affiliate schemes set in a very peculiar way, instead of paying affiliates once for every sale, the program is organized to pay affiliates for the life of the buyer.  If this last sentence sounded weird to you then let me go ahead and explain this concept; “payable for the life of the buyer or for-life” only means that as long as the member remains active in the site or keeps renewing the membership, the affiliate who referred him/her will be paid until the person cancels the membership.

With this scheme an affiliate can get awesome payments steadily which is what everyone wants.  Stable income sources allow you to plan and invest your time and money without having to worry about the number of sales you made during a particular month.

Examples of how Rev Share Programs Info and Income Potential:

Normally the sites which offer rev share programs to affiliates offer some sort of service or subscription to its members, for instance some people might be very interested in getting more information about a topic in particular, in order for people to access this content they are charged a monthly fee until they are satisfied.  People who sign up for such memberships may keep their membership for just one month (worst case scenario) and others might keep it for as long as they want (in exceptional cases years at a time - best case scenario).

Offering services to people or access to content in demand (such as movies/music) increases retention which is great for the site itself as well as its affiliates.  This is also an important factor affiliates need to keep in mind if they actually want to start promoting such services.  Ask yourself “would I keep paying month after month for such subscription?”, evaluate the content and site structure, if you conclude that the site is attractive enough then the chances it will have a good retention will be above average.

The earning structure works like this:  Lets assume the site charges $20 to the client and from that you will get 50% for life, so with one sale you made $10; if you manage to send 5 sales in one month you will have $50.  The next month is when things start to take shape, if out of those 5 previous sales 3 people renew the membership you will get paid $30 on top of any other sales you made for that month, so if you have 5 more sales during that month you will have earned $50+$30= $80.  This business model is very scalable so the more sales you make per month the more income you will have coming in month after month.

Blog Promotion:

To promote such programs it is necessary to create compelling content, if you are promoting multimedia memberships then make your blog attractive to your audience by showing graphics (photos, etc) and insight about the site you are promoting.  Focus on the benefits people will enjoy after joining the program promoted.  Each one of your blog pages should have a direct link to the site’s landing page or to the action page (sign up).  Make sure you provide good information, not just advertisements and you should be well on your way to stable income.

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