Quantum Marketing: A New Idea that Strikes the WordPress Blog Marketing Successfully

You must have heard the phrases like Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Physics, but what about Quantum Marketing? The same basic rule applies here too. As it is said in both Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics that only tiny objects made the vast universe, the concept of Quantum Marketing is likewise although the phrase might have been coined very recently, it is a very serious issue in the case of blog marketing that entirely focuses on seemingly unimportant and small things, however, targeting strong potential client base. Let us evaluate few integral factors of Quantum Marketing.

Establishing Personal Connection
If you have already built connection with few ‘busy’ online marketers, or you know some of them personally, you might have heard saying them, “I am hardly getting my time to reply back, so I have made my system totally automated”. It is possible that you are one of them too. Consider the situation from another perspective. So you became so busy now-a-days that no one can approach you if they want to buy your product or would like to obtain some clarification from you about your products or service. So, why is this platform for then if you can not be touched by your buyer even?

Quantum Marketing disagrees with this idea. In fact, Quantum Marketing suggests building human connection in order to setup an ideal stage for blog marketing at the first place. It may take time initially to make a relation, but in the long run, it can turn out to be extremely beneficial. At the initial stage, many connections may look like meaningless or irrelevant. In fact, when you know someone is awfully busy, but still if he replies you back personally, you might never forget that experience. Isn’t it? On the other hand, when you make your system automated, and your subscribers always receive message saying that “Please Do Not Reply”, which means that you virtually do not leave any space for him to get in touch with you. If this is the case, you are certainly not practicing Quantum Marketing for your WordPress weblog.

Benefits of Social Networking
Social networking, one can say, is a keystone of Quantum Marketing. Only a small connection with few people can make it easy to achieve the first client or first business proposal. Spend quality time on your ‘little’ connections, and you will soon discover the stream of attention in your own way. When you specifically consider the arena of social marketing, you are closer to your goal of gaining and sharing knowledge about your business. Remember one keyword always, it is the ‘reputation’ that matters a lot in this virtual world and it is through the virtue of personal connection you will only be able to build it up on time.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”. This is one of the primary and major requisites of your weblog. Spend time over your connection and build healthy personal relationship with people who might take interest in your blog or your products. So when your contemporaries are putting a serious effort to make the system automated, you take time to grow in your business with plenty of personal relationships that are your simple investment with a potentiality of good returning customer.

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