PPS-Pay Per Sign Up Method for Blog Monetization

One of the most common ways of blog monetization used today is the pay-per-sign up method or “one-time sale model”, this is indeed quite common but the fact that it is widely used by many webmaster doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best. There are many reasons we can list about why this model is being used to monetize not only blogs but any other type of site; one of them is that people like having things now, they don’t want to wait for potential earnings if there is a nice payout waiting to be earned with the same technique.

PPS (Pay-per-sign Up) Method Explained:

If you have been around affiliate marketing for a while then you know that there are several companies out there which work on this revenue model, one of them is Commission Junction.  CJ gathers a great deal of online advertising companies which have products to sell or services to deliver, once a customer signs up using an referral link, the affiliate that referral link belongs to will be credited for the sale, this is a one time payment however the payout is usually higher than revenue share programs.

Some companies which use this particular revenue model are: Ebay, Yahoo search marketing, 1-800-Flowers, etc.  These are all companies which have products and services to deliver to their target audience, Ebay for instance is a huge auction site which is famous for having all sorts of items at rock bottom prices, they have attracted a large base of sellers to their site because the demand for products is great.  If you ever tried to become a PowerSeller or to sell something on Ebay then you know how hard the competitive markets can be and you also know about the amount of work involved in listing an item, making the sale, communicating with your buyer, ordering and drop shipping the item, keeping records, tracking shipments, etc. etc. etc.

Affiliate marketing kills the entire process involved with product sales and allows webmasters to create a steady source of income without ever touching or shipping a single item.  This model is far more efficient since you only have to worry about traffic generation, content generation and search engine optimization; once you know these online marketing functions then you are ready to earn and monetize your blog; compared to the amount of work PowerSellers have to deal with on a daily basis you are the one which will earn the most and work less.

Blog Implementation:

If you are planning on selling a product in particular it would be very useful for your readers to get an honest review about the product being promoted.  Reviews are always read by buyers before purchasing an item so you it can be a great tool to qualify your traffic, reviews can also provide some sort of comparison with related products which would increase the value of the review, don’t just copy and paste product features, go to online forums which have user information about the item you are about to promote, get some insight and then write the review, if the product you are about to promote you can invest some money and buy it in order to test it and write a good review.  If you establish yourself as a sole proprietor for your business these purchases can be written of as business expenses during the tax season.

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