Niche Ideas For Websites – How To Guarantee A Profitable Niche Site?

Niche Ideas For Websites: That's Guarantees Profitability

How can you get niche ideas for a website that you know and can guarantee will be profitable? We will be dissecting this question and finding out a host of niche finding tips. All actionable.

Reverse engineering and competitive analysis can be very influential in your internet business. I come from an automotive background.  In the auto industry they do vehicle knock-down studies. They purchase a competitor’s vehicle and strip it down to nuts and bolts in order to find out what technologies, materials, and processes competitors are using to create and make their cars. This way they can get the competitors secrets and improve on them in future cars.

We can easily apply a similar approach to guarantee that we create a profitable niche website. There will be 2 approaches to this.

1. Identifying a known profitable niche that we know is making money.

2. Replicate or acquire a similar site.

Finding Niche Sites That Are Already Profitable

This is actually much easier than you think. I will be using a real world example here.

I am regularly on the lookout for sites that already exists, already have traffic and already have profit. A great place to find these types of site is

Flippa, if you don’t know, is a place where you can buy and sell your sites. It is also an amazing place to do research and competitor analysis!

Do a search on Flippa. Best place to start is the most active section. The most active section shows sites that people are selling that have the most interest on flippa. You can find some great niche ideas here.

Sometimes the seller will also give you keyword ideas and amount of money they are making.

A site I was thinking of bidding on recently was It was getting good traffic that was increasing and made up to $800 per month just from adsense.

All the traffic came from Google which is both a good and bad thing. It’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket. If Google were to have another algorithm change there is a possibility this site could lose rankings overnight.

But i also noted there was a lot of room for improvement to the site including pinterest, facebook, email responder for list generation. Loads of stuff that could be used to drive further traffic and add authority.. Another thing i would have done was add affiliate links from travel affiliate companies for things such as flights and accommodation etc.

I would look to buy this site at 8 to 12 times monthly earnings. So i was looking to part with approx $6000 for this site. If equated to returns on the stock market this was a good investment. The site eventually sold for $15K – Out of my price range! Damn. It went for a lot more than i thought!

So we have done step 1. Found a niche that is profitable and sells and makes money and is in demand. This niche just happens to be an evergreen niche that will never go out of fashion.

I didn’t buy this site but it got me thinking. What other sites are there out there that are very similar that could be potentials for purchase? And could i replicate a similar site. It was nothing special. A few articles and some great pictures. And some SEO.

Why Not Just Replicate the Site?

We could buy a new domain name (keyword related) get some royalty free picture and spend some time creating our own content and doing all the seo.

This obviously takes time and cost. With no guarantees it will rank highly. Also there is a lot to be said about aged domain names. That is, domain names that are more than a year old. Google gives these older domain names more authority than new ones. Also i believe (this isn’t necessarily fact) that you can create more backlinks to an aged domain than you can a new one. Giving a new  domain name tons of backlinks will get you in trouble with Google as it looks very unnatural.

It is definitely worth considering replicating and reverse engineering a profitable site you have found. But there another way. An easier, quicker way to getting yourself a profitable niche site.

Buying a Similar Site in The Same Niche.

One way to get an already profitable site immediately with minimum work would be to buy it directly from Flippa. But personaly i think the prices are a bit inflated as people really get carried away with the whole auction thing. Another way to get round this is to buy similar sites by approaching site owners directly!

I did a simple google search for similar keywords and was on the hunt for similar sites in the travel niche. I immediatley found some on the same page as

What i did next was to do some analysis of the sites to see traffic volumes amount of articles etc.

I also wanted to contact the owner of the site to see if they are willing to sell it. To do this i did a “who is” lookup from This tells me the owner of the site and an email address. Some users will hide this information. In my case i contacted the site owner and he has responded. All i mentioned was that i have seen the site and would he consider selling. Up till now no prices have been mentioned. We will soon discuss prices i hope. If i can get a bargain i will buy it. He also had some other site for sale that he also offered me. Not in this niche (dog niche) but at this time i don’t think i am interested. Saying that if he bundled them together and offered discount it may be worth buying and then selling individually on There is a large potential here to make money.

Now the site i am looking at is very similar to in that it is just articles and pictures nothing else. What if i added Facebook, pinterest (great for pictures), an email responder  all to boost the traffic. I could also add some more ads and travel affiliate links in the hope to boost the amount of money the site makes.

Assuming we purchased this site for way under the price of the site that was on Flippa (and this is almost a definite) and we added more traffic getting tools more ads and more affiliates do you think it would sell on flippa for more than I would say a big yes!

So at this stage we have purchased a site directly from the owner for way under price and have monitised further. At this point we can either keep the site for monthly profits or flip it ourselves on flippa for a lump sum chunk of money.

This is a very powerful technique that a lot of gurus are using to get and flip site for immense profits. I hope you have found this useful.

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