Monetizing your Blog Through Industry Reviews

This monetization method is very creative and can be complemented with other monetization methods such as revenue share or pay-per-sign up programs and even donations.  With this method you are not reviewing items in order to qualify people and make a sale, instead you will be reviewing sites within your niche which want to make sales through affiliate marketing or through actual product sales (yahoo store type of businesses)

Industry Reviews Explained:

In order for this method to work you must meet two requirements:

1.  You must have some traffic, it doesn’t have to be that much really - 100+ daily visitors would do it quite nicely.
2.  The most important requirement you must meet is to have good page rank (PR4+)

If your review blog has good traffic then you are able to create reviews people will want to pay for since your blog gets visited by people interested in buying certain products; if in addition your root page has good page rank you will be able to charge more per review, webmasters will see that besides having some traffic your blog is able to pass link equity which is always welcomed by people who know a little bit of search engine optimization.

In order to create a site which ranks well you can create or use a clean Wordpress theme, one that would be intuitive and easy to navigate, then you would modify it in order to fit certain elements or illustrations which will take people to the reviews, make it easy for them to get to the reviews section, don’t overcrowd your side bars with recent posts, related links and such.  The simpler the site the better. When it comes to site design you need to implement the KISS technique (I won’t explain this technique lol)

Having a good design will help people remember your site and if you provide a central bookmark link they will also be able to bookmark your site and come back for more reviews, offering an RSS feed is also useful, however make sure you provide post summaries instead of the whole enchilada, you want people to come to your site not to read everything from their news reader!

Then start creating optimized content without inserting any advertisements what so ever, remember that your main monetization method will be site reviews so you want to keep your blog clutter-free and ad-free.  Use attractive illustrations and images, if you don’t know how to create .SWF or .GIF images you can look for a designer which will create some header images for you, keep them clean and not too flashy as you don’t want to steal focus from the reviews.  It is also of the utmost importance to use the right CSS style for this type of blog, make sure your text is attractive and very readable, don’t make it hard for people to read your review blog by making your font “arial 12″.

After you have these basic optimization settings in place then start trading relevant links with high PR sites, don’t trade with just anyone remember that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to reciprocals.  Get one-way links as well, the whole point is to get your site indexed and earn some page rank; if you combine these practices with daily content input you will be well on your way to creating  a high page rank review blog which will be able to charge related sites a good fee for a quick review.

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