Lead Generation a Great Blog Monetization Method

Among all blog monetization methods this is one of the easiest to implement and execute, the reason is simple, you don’t have to sell anything, in fact your visitors will never have to enter their credit card numbers to get the benefits of the program you promote, however they will have to enter some sort of information instead.  This business model works in several markets and it is very strong, especially among financial services.  Lets explore this blog monetization method in more detail.

Lead Generation Programs:

These programs rely on information gathered by affiliates in order to offer solutions to people who inquired about the product or service.  The information to be gathered varies according to the service being promoted, for instance if you are promoting ring tones the information you will have to acquire will be phone numbers from people who want to get ring tones for their phones, if on the other hand you are promoting a financial service the lead will consist on a lot more information than just their phone number.

Basically the more information the lead requires the higher your payout will be.  All leads generated are tracked through the affiliate program, they usually show you where the traffic came from, what the landing page was and how your traffic is performing.

Lead Generation Programs in Detail:

Lets take financial services as an example because it is easy to understand.  Lets say that you have a website which offers people many ways to save money for free, this topic will appeal to a great deal of people who are not rich and want to save everything they can (which is a lot of people)  By incorporating a lead generation affiliate program in the site you will be able to show people a good way to accomplish their goals (save money), the only thing you ask in return would be basic information.

If you are promoting mortgage refinance services then your visitors will be asked to entered basic information which will be used by banks and financial institutions to qualify them for their products and services.  If your visitors have an adjustable rate mortgage of 7% then they will be interested in refinancing their loan to a lower fixed rate solution (5% - 30 year fixed or such).  Financial institutions will need information such as: full name, address or residence, gross income, value of their property, current loan info, etc.  Once people click on the “submit” button you are credited for that lead.

Blog Implementation:

In order for this blog monetization to work your blog must offer quality information, especially if you focus on the financial markets. Each one of your article pages must have a call to action at the end or you should have a visible link to the action page in your site’s sidebar.  Obviously you must have very targeted content since you want people to provide their information to get the help they need; creating payday loan advance articles for a mortgage related offer will result in extremely poor conversions since the traffic is not targeted or qualified for the solution being promoted.

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