How to Increase twitter traffic in one week?

Twitter known as the mini blog where you can send and receive messages in 140 characters. Twitter calls these messages as tweets. Now became the the no one social networking site today. Twitter started their journey from April 2007 and the people behind twitter are jack Dorsey and Evan Williams. The twitter idea being first put by jack Dorsey and he got help from and Evan Williams ,who is the co-founder of today’s blogger blog when he was in pyralabs,On feb 13th of 2003 Google acquired pyralabs.

Why twitter followers?

Followers are the one who makes your twitter account more special, twitter not only for social interaction you can use it  as an effective marketing platform as well.  The more the twitter followers you have the more the chance of making your business successful.

Increase Twitter Traffic in five basic ways

There are too many ways out there to get more followers to your twitter account.

1. Promote something on your profile

It s an interesting strategy that you can work out to get more traffic to your twitter account and more followers. Give some informative product for free to your followers.

2. User Twitter account in your blog

Most of the readers will follow a blog if they have some good unique content on it. If you have any website or blog like that you can put a twitter follow me button on your blog to increase your followers.

3. Add links to your social networking profile

Add your twitter profile in to all your social networking accounts. This will help you in getting some traffic to your account also a chance of users to following you on twitter.

4. Use twitter link on your e-mail signature

Including a link to your twitter prolife on your e-mail signature, business cards etc will make your readers to follow you on twitter.

5. Follow other tweeters

This is the simplest way to get more followers on your twitter profile. Normally most of the tweeters will follow back the user’s who followed them.

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