How To Get Response Against Your Comments


I’ve designed a game of making comments on most popular sites with 50+ comments for each post. My objective always remains the same, to obtain more and more replies from bloggers. Because if I get comments, it means that I am still known in blogging world. Some times, I also send email to them expecting that they still recognize my name.

With a new standpoint as the bloggers or writer, here are top strategies to get response against your comments.

Leave an Insightful Comment

The purpose of the creating the comments section is to provide the environment of forum only related to one post. It’s the similar to an expansion of the real topic, a location where visitors can find many opinions by every angle.

To efficiently have a word to the original topic, just add an comment having exhibiting insight and deep perception.

Provide a new outlook.

Adding your views provides two things. 

(1) It reveals that you have read and make something new concepts about the topic. 

(2) It extends worth to post.

Add one more tip.

If the article is a step-by-step explanation of something and you have something special to share, put them in the comments.

Answer the asked question in the comments.

Comments are considered a better place to ask questions than a forum that’s why most bloggers share their questions and answers. But there are some ones to only answer them.

Use The Name of Blogger

The most excellent way to get someone’s mind is to use his or her name.

Use the name of blogger in your comments. It reveals some points that you know how write the post and who is making the comment.

Ask an Arousing Question

Just making a question in your comment considerably increases the chances of the blogger replying.

It makes easy to answer.

It’s very much easier to respond to a question than any typical comment.
Replies add the worth.

In the similar approach that the blogger would like helpful comments, they do not want to fill the page with meaningless replies. So, most of times they only reply to a question.

Replying questions is considered good.

If the post has many questions in the content, it looks very nice.

Putting a question is similar to a call to action against your questioned comment.

Ask About Their Product or Service

Would you like to increase the reply rate to closely 100%? Arise the question about what they sell or offer.

It reveals that you spent a few minutes in reading about their products or services.

Perhaps the most excellent approach to express gratitude to a blogger for free guidance is to spend a few seconds to look out if their offers are good for you.
Their respond may make money for the blogger.

If you show that you may be an additional client, you will get more priority.
It creates more interest to your comments and their products as well.

Follow Their Advice

One of the most excellent admiring comments you can write for a blogger is to truly implement somewhat they suggest.

Bloggers realize that the more you apply their guidance, the more you will get advantage, and the more possibly you would be to buy from their blog.

So, take it as habit of applying the things you find about. They’ll give you two times benefit.

Disagree with Their Advice

Whenever you will go through the comments of most articles, you will find “Thanks for advice” comments. These comments are also good thanking the blogger for helpful information. It’s only that some one also should challenge the ideas explained in contents.

Many bloggers think in this way.

What some blogger really want is somebody who respectfully challenges their advice, somebody who adds worth to the conversation by posting an opposing comment.

Respond to Someone Else’s Comment

When someone makes a comment, it’s nearly a new comment. It is also really nice to reply someone’s comment.

While you respond to someone’s comment, it:

Show up.

From the structure point of view, replies are highly noticeable as they’re just like threaded.

The Final Word:

If you would like to be a successful blogger you must build cooperative relationship among other bloggers. And it is good to deal first with those who post comments in your blog.

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