How To Find Awesome Blogs In Your Niche For Commenting?


Finding Blogs For Posting Comments

Getting traffic to your new site is difficult. Getting that initial traffic is hard. There are many ways to drive traffic and one of the most popular is blog commenting.

Blog commenting has got a lot of bad press and there are some that say it is less valuable these days what with Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and all that other Google stuff. But most of these cases people are referring to the backlink strength obtained when the comment is added. I do believe this to be true and blog commenting just for backlink juice is a waste of time but blog commenting done right is very valuable tool for building an audience and traffic.

Blog Commenting Done Right.

There are 2 ways to do blog commenting 

1. Spamming every blog you can find with nonsense junk. This is getting old and very annoying. Anyone that thinks this type of black/grey hat SEO works these days is a fool. I see it on my blog all the time. Every day I am seeing complete junk comments. Comment that make no sense at all. Probably all produced by some crappy software that someone bought and was promised internet riches. It doesn’t work people.

2. The correct way to do blog commenting is all about quality and not quantity. Join the conversation. Make a valid interesting point. Get noticed. Again this goes back to my post about USP (Unique Selling Proposition). You need to stand out in sea of mediocre blogs.

For this you need to be able to find the best blogs around that are in your niche and read the posts and make great valid comments.

There are a number of Google syntax tricks you can use to find blogs that are open to commenting. And tricks from finding .edu and .gov blogs that you are allowed to comment on. But you know what? I always forget this syntax and would really like a nice easy way to find these blogs. Luckily i found the answer

Drop my link takes all the hassle out of finding blogs to comment on. Takes the hassle out of learning all that Google syntax and does it all for you.

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