How To Create Your First Internet Marketing Product


Struggling With Your First Front End Product?

One way to succeed online is to have your own product. This is sometimes termed as a front end product.

This front end product can be used in many ways. As a freebie for a solo advertising campaign or a full blown paid product that's sold on your website or through a forum like the Warrior forum.

A lot of people struggle with this first product. And so did I.

“I don’t know anything?” “I haven’t made that much money online what I really thought of?” ” Why would anyone listen to me?”

I struggled with all these thoughts. I could have created another ebook or video course loosely supported a number of the techniques i do know .

But really I wanted to create something that would give me instant credibility and really impact the market with something new.

So what did I do?

Creating My First WordPress Plugin.

I decided to do a bit of research into software. I found I could easily get a WordPress plugin developed!

Now before you shout about how expensive getting a plugin developed is and that you don’t have any ideas for plugins; I have some news for you. But before that why create a plugin?

Creating a piece of software is a pretty big deal. I think so anyway : 

It gives the creator of the plugin three major advantages: instant credibility, instant authority, and instant recognition in any niche. First internet marketing product

And that is very large boost for somebody looking to realize authority and a reputation for themselves online.

A piece of software may be a real McCoy it's far more tangible than an eBook or video course. It appears to offer more.

The perceived value of software is far above that of another video course or eBook. And as such software creators generally could charge more money for their products.

Also if you look over on JVZoo or Warrior Plus the majority of the top selling products are software plugins. Interesting.

So we also know that Plugins are big sellers.

How To Get Ideas For Plugins?

“I haven’t got any ideas for plugins?” Wrong! You need to do some research. 

What is selling right now in terms of plugins? What are you having issues with on your blog? What daily repetitive manual tasks does one do on your blog that you simply think might be automated?

Look what's selling on JVZoo and warrior forum? Think you could make it better? You have an idea!

Take 2 plugins and merge it into one plugin with some additional features. You have an idea!

There is literally thousands of ideas for plugins out there and with the recognition of WordPress this is often only getting to increase and increase! Get in on the action now!

In my next post I will taking this process deeper and looking at how I designed and got my plugin developed.

If you are interested please comment with your thoughts and questions I would like to hear them.

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