High Page Rank and Blog Monetization

Page rank or PR is a very common term among online entrepreneurs and webmasters, while it is well known that traffic is more important than page rank some people give equal weight to both factors.  High page rank will help a site get closer to the first pages of the SERPs which means that a site with high page rank will get more traffic compared to a site which has little or no rank.  Page rank is great “if and only if” the page targets a very specific set of keywords which is in demand, so if the keyword being targeted is something like “viagra” and the site has a page rank of 5+, hard link sales as well as ad space will be very expensive.

Page Rank and Blogs:

The concept of page rank was developed by the search engine Google in order to organize and reward sites which provide good content to its visitors, in order words sites which provide unique content will be pushed higher by this algorithm and more traffic can be expected, if on the other hand the blog has little to no content it is obvious that the page rank will be quite low and the site will get no traffic.

As the phrase implies “page rank” is the rank given to a certain page within a website, this means that page rank is not a global ranking method, a site’s home page might rank 5-6 but the inner pages might rank 2-3.

Page rank is also influenced by the amount and quality of incoming links to a particular page, this means that if a page ranks 0 in Google but has several PR4-5 incoming links then it is very likely that the page will jump to 3+ if the incoming links don’t use
<rel no-follow>
attributes.  No one really knows how the page rank system works since it is a trade secret, however it is safe to assume that content and links affect page rank.

The benefits webmasters are able to realize by having a high ranking website/page are:

- Ability to appear closer to page 1 in the search engine resource pages
- More traffic according to the keyword being targeted (traffic = money)
- Page rank equity can be passed down to other pages.
- Pages being linked at will be crawled and indexed faster by search engine spiders.

Access to Potential Clients:

Now that we know that potential benefits a webmaster would enjoy by having high PR pages within a site lets move one to the actual monetization method.  Having access to potential clients is critical for this method to work, this means that creating relationships with people in webmaster related sites will be extremely helpful.  You can participate in these sites and offer text link space to people who have sites related to your niche.  Links sold can be charged on a monthly basis just like a subscription.  A good example of a site which operates this way is Tex-link-ads, they actually sell text link space in websites to interested webmasters.  This is a very sustainable model if your site is able to keep a high PR and offering value to its visitors.

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