Hidden Beauty

Hidden Beauty is a two-column Wordpress theme that does its job without being too fancy. Apart from the artsy header and its flowing graphics, the entire blog is stripped down in its design and will appeal to basic bloggers and, well, people who love green.

But is the beauty of this theme hidden, or does it even exist? Here’s what we think.


If we were to be asked, the theme is beautiful in itself. And the key to that is its straightforward design. When you look at it, it’s just composed of two columns – one for the content and the other for the sidebar. In such a set up, you immediately find what it is you’re looking for. That is so much unlike other designs which put the content in the middle of the layout while the navigation links are buried under it.

It’s also great that it’s Google Adsense ready. The colors already blend with the theme’s overall design and the thing that’s left to do for bloggers is to change the publisher id in the theme’s code.


There are some flaws on this theme, however. Let’s begin with the choice of a tower ad on the sidebar. It somehow pushes down other useful navigation links downwards like the categories, archives and the login and RSS feed links. Of course you can edit the size, but it would have been good if the choice of the ad helped in making the design functional.

Meanwhile, people who use reading glasses might need to have it handy when visiting a blog with this theme. While the choice of font type is good as it is legible, the size makes the entire content unreadable, at least for those with eye problems. A solution to this, as always, is by giving people options by which they can change the font size of the content.

Check out the live demo of this theme and here’s the download link for the theme.

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