Future Tech

Future Tech is a Wordpress theme designed by the folks at Web Hosting Geeks. At first glance, it combines the elements of Web 2.0 design (the use of light colors and rounded corners) with its predecessor. While the concept looks good on paper, the design is rather awkward. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

So let’s move on to reviewing the entire design by weighing in the good things and the elements where it can improve further.


The design is pretty straightforward and it’s a good thing. There’s a lot of space devoted to the content which is the point of putting up a blog in the first place. Some designers tend to forget this and Future Tech sets a good example on this aspect.

Also, the header isn’t too big unlike most themes today. Because of that, people no longer need to scroll down several lines just to get to the content box and the sidebar.


We’ve mentioned something about the design a while ago and so we’ll discuss it further here. Again, there’s an awkward marriage between Web 2.0 and early web design.

First on the header, there’s the image of the globe, an IC and a portion of a keyboard. We’ve seen it in numerous designs in the past and right now, the same kind of design looks dated, if not, tacky.

Then there’s the Web 2.0-ish search box. Yes it looks cool, but it somehow sticks out too much from the overall design. It now looks as if the search box is the main element of the blog, rather than the content.

Finally, the choice of the tower on the ad space on the sidebar somehow destroys the overall design. By choosing such an ad size, a lot of the elements on the sidebar get pushed down the bottom like the archives, the blog roll and the meta links.

A live demo of this theme is available and you can download the theme here.

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