Easy Steps for Writing SEO Friendly Articles

Article marketing or publishing articles to get traffic and build your audience list isn't an overnight success story, but given reasonable time it can be easily learnt and mastered.

These easy steps for writing SEO friendly articles need your persistence (commitment), a readiness to research and learn and a focus on delivering good useful information.

Initially, you'll need to get ought to the thought that you simply don’t need to write perfect syntax and grammar and every one that. It does got to be clear and to the purpose – but some rules got to be deleted – e.g. – only write short paragraphs of about 4 lines average.

Use headings and sub-heading to help readers scan the article. Make titles and headings catchy or attention-grabbing.

Learn what are keywords and the way to use them naturally within the article. A keyword rich article will attract the search engines and their referring onto readers.

Use the most keyword within the very beginning paragraph because it will inform readers of the subsequent content. Bold it too.

Don’t be spammy – over-use of keywords will not attract the spider bots more quickly – in fact, the opposite as it will seem to be keyword stuffing. Using related terms or synonyms is better and more likely to get ranking as the engines use latent semantic indexing to assess a page or site.

What you are after is the most popular keywords that are most frequently searched in your topic by your targeted audience.

For example, if it's about rose growing (niche), then use Google’s keyword tool or similar and look for related terms and phrases that have high demand and low supply. Terms like ‘easy ways to prune roses’ or ‘handy tips for rose care’ will come up. They are the great keywords for you to settle on – instead of the larger, more competitive ‘rose growing’.

Keep article within the 400-500 word range usually. This will make you succinct and to the point – which your readers will appreciate.

Use everyday language – imagine you are speaking face to face with your audience – be friendly and conversational and, if it fits, don’t be afraid of a bit of humor.

One good exercise to help you learn the process of writing appropriate articles is to search on EzineArticles.com for the top five writers – two of them are in the 20,000+ published level. Have a look at their style and structure.

Actually, if you are looking for a niche to write in – a similar search on any online Ezines will give you heaps of ideas.

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