A Step by Step Guide to Boost Your Blog Traffic for Beginners



Hello Friends! In this post " A-Step-by-Step-Guide-to-Boost-Your-Blog-Traffic-for-Beginners ", we will share with you some important tips to follow if you are a beginner in blogging field, so as to increase your blog traffic as well as performance. Please read through each of them one by one so as to implement it to your blog and earn money blogging.

1. Optimize Your Website For Google Search Engine

Google is guaranteed to give you at least 60-75% of traffic for your website; therefore it is imperative that you indexed your website with Google. One way of indexing your site is to submit your website to Google via Google Webmaster Central. It is also a basic requirement to get listed in Google as soon as possible and populate your keyword-rich blog to as many as possible; generate traffic and rank high in Google search engine, landing your site to top 10 in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

2. Use WordPress Blog / Content Management System ( CMS )

WordPress is perhaps the most convenient system for creating websites or blog sites. You can complete the blog installation in a matter of minutes, manage your contents in its centralized content management system. WordPress also offers great themes and plugins feature, giving you wider options of designing your site and flexibility of activating or deactivating themes and plugins without the need to delete files from the server. Another advantage of using WordPress is that it features powerful tools that can optimize your site and rank your website high in the search engine.

3. Apply SEO Plug-ins For WordPress And Ping List

Search Engine Optimization plug-ins or SEO plugins can effectively make your website generate more traffic. WordPress allows you to install this plugins to your website without difficulty even if you don’t have a technical knowledge. Necessary plugins includes Google Sitemap Generators, AIO SEO Pack, Sociable and many others. WordPress also has ping feature build in and come with one ping sites in default, all you need is to insert more ping sites in the list and make use of this powerful features.

4. Use Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to identify what specific keyword brings you the most traffic in your site. With this essential information, you can make certain actions as to how to optimize this keyword to maximize your ranking by studying the data.

5. Use Google Analytic

With Google analytic, you will be able to track your website visitor’s behavior. Make use of Google Analytics to discover which search engine drives you more traffic; also find out how visitors landed on your site and where they came from. Get to informed, compare the visitors trends, patterns, and measure the success of your display advertising for the best ROI.

6. Proper Keyword Research

Keywords play a vital role in generating traffic to your website, therefore proper keyword research is very important. You need to find out what are the keywords people tend to search online. Keywords should also determine your blog topic or contents of your blog.

7. Competition Analysis

When you are in the marketing business, it is extremely essential to learn about the market competition. Finding out how tough is the competition enables you to make certain plan as to compete or not.  If you are new in the market, it is better to try something easier or keywords with lower competition.

8. Profitability Search

Research is a must before promoting certain products, knowing its profitability and market demand. Why sell something when you knew you will get no profit in return? It is also important to check if there are enough advertisements about the niches. The more advertisements you discover, the more profitable of that niche.

9. Create High Quality Contents

It is essential to write contents that gives value to readers. Don’t just write articles about any topic, instead, write article based on what people often search online. In this way, you are assured that your articles will appear every time a person types on the keyword as it is based on what they often searched. It is also advisable to write articles of about 500-1,000 words in length so as to provide enough information and data to individuals reading your article.

10. Consistent on the Content

Consistency of the content is very important. You can’t just write a topic and talk about something else. You should stick to your keywords and plan your contents. Research can help you a lot. Try Google, your best friend, when searching online on the topic that you want to write and have them as your guide.

11. Link Building

Link building is essential for SEO since some search engines, particularly Google, will give extra credit to websites that have a superior amount of quality external backlinks, and consider those websites more appropriate than some others into their results pages for a search query. External backlinks can improve your ranking and create awareness from other websites.

12. Build Sidelink and Outgoing Links

Interlinking your pages to other websites will create and build certain relationship with other bloggers worldwide. Therefore it is essential that you will consider making sidelinks and outgoing links, but bear in mind that you should only link out to quality contents as it will give great impact to your own contents.

13. Create Video Contents

Videos are often preferred by searchers as it provides a more interesting and more attractive visual contents, and removes the boredom of reading long articles. Videos also provide a better understanding particularly for tutorials. YouTube is one of the best site to post videos, though you can also upload your videos to some other popular video sites.  Creating videos can effectively give you more traffic to your site.

14. Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others

Social Media nowadays are getting more and more popular worldwide. Millions of individual tend to subscribe to any of them each day. Therefore, it is very helpful to use these kinds of media to promote your site as it will dramatically drive you more traffic without depending on search engines. Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like can help you diversify your traffic source.

15. Submit Feeder Site Content

Building backlinks will help to promote your websites but in order for your content to reach the public’s searches, you need to submit your blogs to various feeder sites content available online. Feeder sites are used to publish contents in any external websites like Squidoo, Hubpages, blogspot.com, scibd.com, ezinearticles.com, you tube, and a lot more others.

16. Use Only Good Hosting Company

An excellent hosting company will definitely matter if you are considering creating your own blog site. You will never like it if suddenly, your hosting company will unexpectedly fail you incase numerous guests will visit your site. Avoid visitor loss due to unreliable hosting company, as well as reduce downtime issue.  I would recommend Hostgator and other more popular hosting company that others are using to be certain of their quality service, and to avoid any worry of inaccessibility issue.

17. Use Forum and Community Website

Forum and community websites are where different ideas and thoughts are shared. Participating in this kind of activities is extremely helpful in order for you to build relationship with other participants and community members, allowing you to promote your websites with them. This can help you bring long term traffic to your sites.

18. Use Commenting Properly

When participating in a community website, it is important that you comment properly and not just mere commenting for the sake of creating backlinks. Share your ideas regarding the topic being discussed and provide fruitful information to gain respect and value from the community members.


Boosting your search engine ranking as well as traffic is very difficult but yet achievable. We guarantee you that if you apply on the above 18 tips to your blog, you will see the traffic will grow overnight. If you want to add any extra tips for our readers, please comment in the comment section below. We will include it in this post.

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