A sence of relaxation

A good sense of design doesn’t only depend on how the object looks but also on the message it tries to convey. The theme called A Sence of Relaxation by NET-TEC SEO successfully marries the two elements to create a design that’s not only pleasing to the eye but one that gets its message across.

The overall design of the theme is very laid back. From the choice of the header image to the colors used on the design, you can indeed get a sense of relaxation whenever you see this theme.

Let’s now have a closer look at the design and see what works and what doesn’t.


The great thing about this theme is that it has the sense of harmony wherein every element works together to create a complete design. There’s not one element that gets in the way of another. It’s great in making it easy to navigate the page and to read the posts.

Meanwhile, the choice of having three columns is also a good thing especially for those bloggers who want to make use of every pixel available. They can, for example, put up a calendar or a tag cloud or other ads without cluttering the overall design of the blog.


While it doesn’t really affect how the blog functions, the header image could be improved further. The image of the lady on the left seems too far away from the rest of the image of candles on the right. If harmony is the selling point of this theme, it would fail on the part of the header.

The name of the theme can also be a cause of trouble or laughter. I’m not sure, but I think it should be named A SENSE of Relaxation rather than its current name. But just like the header image, it doesn’t affect how the blog works so it’s all good from where I stand.

Have a sense of the theme by clicking the live demo or you can download the theme here.

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