A Complete Guide on How To Guest Post?

A Complete Guide on How To Guest Post

A Complete Guide on How To Guest Post

Guest Blogging has become one among the main ways for blogs to realize backlinks, PR, and traffic during a little or no amount of your time. The most important thing to recollect once you are brooding about guest blogging is to select a blog that's relevant to your niche. This is the key to gaining lots of traffic and high quality backlinks at the same time. This may be one among the foremost valuable ways to realize backlinks due to all of the items listed above. So let’s get started with the Complete Guide on How to Guest Blog.

What is a Guest Post?

Guest posting is once you submit a piece of writing to a different blog for them to publish on their blog. This is beneficial because it can assist you position yourself as an “Authority” figure in your niche. This is not an automatic type of thing. You must submit your article then it must even be accepted. If the owner of the blog accepts your post, then it will be posted on a certain day.

How to find Guest Blogs Opportunities?

When you are looking for guest blog opportunities there are a few things you want to remember. Here may be a small list to assist you create sure you select wisely.

Relevant Niche – this is often the foremost important thing. The niche must be an equivalent as yours to urge the foremost out of the possible link juice or backlinks you'll be getting from this guest post.

Audience – it's important that you simply think your audience are going to be curious about what you've got to supply . If the niche is analogous , then this one should even be good.

Social Media – You want to make sure the blog owner is on Social Media and has many followers. This is important because those wit the most followers will be able to get your post out there more than others. The more that see your post the better.

Pagerank – This is an important factor as well. The higher PR blog you can find the better, as long as it’s still relevant. The higher the PR, the more your link will be worth in Google’s eyes.

Comments – confirm the blog has regular comments. You want a blog that features a community feeling. This way you recognize you'll potentially get to speak to people that may eventually come to your blog also .

How to find Guest Post on Google?

Google is that the best place to start out trying to find blogs that accept Guest Posts. If you are trying the subsequent examples but together with your “keyword’ then you'll have an excellent chance of finding some quality places to guest post on.

keyword “guest post”
keyword “submit a guest post”
keyword “accepting guest posts”
keyword “guest post by”
keyword “guest post guidelines”

Competitors Guest Posts

Another great way to find great guest blogging opportunities is by checking the backlinks of your competitors sites. If they're ranking in Google then you'll bet they need had some awesome Guest Posts on some very relevant blogs. Try to check their backlinks and figure out which ones are giving them so much power and try to guest post there yourself.

MyBlogGuest Guest Posts

This is another great place to find Guest Blogs to post on. This website is for bloggers just like you who are either looking to guest post, or have guest posts on there blog. Guest posts are beneficial for both of you. You get quality backlinks, and they get quality content on their blog. So it’s a win, win, for the both of you. Check it out and let me know what you think that .

Tips for Great Guest Posts

- confirm you fill out the Bio completely. This is where you're getting to get your link or two at. Do not forget to use anchor text together with your keyword or blog name.
- Use your twitter ID in your bio
- Make sure to promote your Guest Post. This means on your blog, twitter, facebook, etc. The more traffic you can bring the more the blog owner will love you.
- Reply to all of the comments you get. This is very important if you want to convert these members over to your blog. Be personable and appreciative.

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