Unique Selling Proposition – Why Your Site Needs One and How To Do It?


Unique Selling Propositions And Brand Your Blog For Success.

A lot of the blogs out there these days are very similar and are offering up the same information. Especially in the weight loss and make money online or online marketing niches. A lot of people seem to think that just because they have a blog up on the internet they will get tons of traffic and visitors and people buying their products. And then get disappointed when no one shows up on their site :-( They sulk and give up.

Yes this happened to me and I am sure if has happened to many others.

There are so many blogs I find by clicking through comment links or on forums that are simply dull. Why should I read this blog over the other thousand that are out there? This is the real problem.

Think about a few of the really good blogs you read? I bet they all have something in common? I bet they all have an excellent unique selling proposition and a great brand.

Every time you go to these  certain blogs you know what to expect. You know what type and quality of content to expect.

You need to be unique and offer your audience something different. This should be very high up on your list of things to do if you haven’t already thought about it.

Think about this: You need to stand out in the crowd. You need a unique selling proposition or USP. This USP will also be directly related to your brand as a blogger.

This has got me thinking. What is a Unique Selling Proposition? What is Profitable Niche blogging’s USP? Why would anyone come here over any other thousands of blogs out  there? Most importantly how do I find my Unique Selling Proposition?

Why do you need a unique selling proposition?

It’s all about placing yourself within an already busy crowd. Imagine looking down on a massive crowd of people all dressed the same except one guy in the middle with a massive pink hat on. Where does your eye go? Who would you rather  want  to know more about? Why is he wearing that hat? :-)
I don’t mean you have to make your website all colorful and flashy and be sticking out for the sake of it but you need to be able to stand out in such a way that you get noticed for all the right reasons. Plus your USP should be so good that people will want to return to your blog to get more of what they had the last time they were at your site.

Maybe the pink floppy hat analogy isn’t the best but it was off the cuff and its done and hopefully gets the point across. Just because you have a blog with some generic articles on it and a sign up box and you have done tons of SEO work doesn’t equal success! Think about this.

The biggest brands in the world don’t have the most original products on the market. Pepsi and Coca cola are selling sweet carbonated water. That’s all it is! All their money goes into their Unique Selling Proposition and their brand and marketing that is associated to this.Unique Selling Proposition

Pizza is just bread,cheese and tomato sauce but there are tons of mulit million dollar pizza companies. Why do you buy from one and not the other? Is is the delivery speed (domino's) is it the taste or the special sauce or the bread sticks, etc etc.

It’s also like choosing a new employees for 7 positions from 3000 applicants! Which ones are going to stand out to you and show you they really want the job or are really enthusiastic? There might be people with years of experience all the qualifications. But there is another guy with less experience less qualification but his hobby is closely related to this job and has earned accolades for this hobby and has real genuine enthusiasm for it. This stands out. When looking through piles of boring CV’s or resumes these guys stand out. Same with college or university applications! I’ve gone slightly off topic here but i hope you can see why I am saying these things.

How to Find your Unique selling point?

How do you find your Unique Selling Proposition? This can be difficult but for some it can also be very easy.

Use something you use everyday with friends, family and colleagues.  Use Your Personality! The tone of voice you use when you are most comfortable with people – whether it be humorous, angry, happy ,annoyed, authoritative, silly, whatever it is you need to get YOUR personality across.
Brand your blog with pictures of you and your personality through video. Video will soon be the powerhouse of the internet (if it already isn’t) and if you want to be serious you need to get on top of it now. You can find out more on video marketing through the Tube Raider video course.unique selling proposition sign 

Focus the blogs attention on to topics that others don’t cover. Do this by and writing and posting video on these topics. Do your videos in a certain way or write your posts in a certain manner.

How is your blog different to others? 

Here are some examples to consider:-

- is your blog better, faster, cheaper, than your competitor’s?

- is your blog or service incomparable? in what respect? how?

- has your blog more value than your competitor’s? in what respect?

- is your blogs customer service serve  your buyers better? in what? how?

- is your blog more accessible? (more videos, more downloads, more audio etc)

- give your product or service more fun to your buyers than your competitor’s?

Who Is Your Blog For?

Who are you writing your blog for? Who is your target audience? These points are vital in order to target your posts and content.

So best practice is to narrow down your audience. Create a very targeted audience of readers. Know their wants and needs. Know what skill level they are at. No point one day talking about how to register a domain and in the next post talking about scripting for a plug-in. Readers won’t know where you are coming from. People are after information that is at their level. You need to identify a group of people and target them.

Your target audience will determine what words you use and the amount of jargon you can use. Can you use a lot of jargon? Too much jargon and people will not understand and leave too less jargon and readers will not feel they are getting the necessary information they are looking for.

There is obviously way more i can talk about here in the subject of brands and Unique selling propositions and whole University courses have been dedicated to it. But hopefully, this post gives you my point of view on the matter and gives you some food for thought in your own online businesses.

Building a high-traffic website or successful business starts with you and your point of view. Narrow your focus and make sure the readers or customers understand what they are getting when they come to your blog. These points all lead to building a brand and with that brand should come lots of very loyal understanding customers.

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