Selling your Own Digital Products to Monetize your Blog

Content, content and more content.  Monetizing  your blog through digital products sales can be very rewarding however you need to make your content very appealing to the niche market you are targeting.  The first step is to identify a problem or area where people need help; you need to evaluate the demand, in order to do that you must visit forums which talk about the product you are planning to develop and then get a good idea of the areas the product should target.

Digital Product Sales Explained:

This blog monetization model works just like the pay-per-sign up model where you sell items and get credit for the sales, the only difference is that you are not getting a commission split, instead you earn full credit for each and every single sale.  In order for this method to work you have to develop a product which people want, this might be an ebook, software, an interactive tutorial, website themes, etc.  Once you have the main idea you then will have to work on the website and provide enough information which will acquaint people to your product, in other words the content needs to sell.  You need to be careful executing this technique though, you don’t want to push people too much, instead show them the benefits of the product, let them know why is it that the product is right for them and how it can help them get things done efficiently.

A great example of a well developed ebook is the “SEO Book” by Aaron Wall, if you don’t know who he is lets just say he is an accomplished SEO. This book appeals to many webmasters who want to monetize their site and attract a good audience, this book sells for about $80 which is fairly cheap considering all of the info being provided there.

If you analyze the paragraph you just read you will notice that it serves two purposes, it gives you a good idea of what the product does and then goes on to passively promote the product - which is not the intention of this article - but instead provides a good idea of how your site’s content should be written.

Another example is to develop your own software, it can be a link building software, a link analysis software, an application which organizes cooking recipes, etc.  when it comes to software the sky is the limit.  You could invest some money to have someone code it for you and the put it  up for sale in your site, you can even create your very own affiliate program where you recruit webmasters to sell the product for you and you pay them a commission, believe me this model is very scalable.

Learn how to write a sales letter, this will help you maximize your conversions, if you don’t want to have anything to do with writing then you can pay someone to write it for you, however if you are going into the fabulous world of blogging you better get used to it! - A blog can break down long sales letters and organize things in a very nice and effective way.  Remember that your site’s layout, text format and navigation are very important because they allow people to see what you have to offer without stealing the focus away from your product.

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