Comparing Social Media: Past, Present And Future



Social media is the hottest way to create and share content with the world because on the internet no one could see if you were a dog or a real person, but today with Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, they can see who you really are and if your information or claims are true.

In the Past:

Social media was slow, low quality and almost impossible to share using just the email address which most people who did not have internet at home could not access. Share articles or written information was really hard because people would have to open a hosting account on a server and then to have high knowledge about HTML, JavaScript and even about Databases if they wanted a serious website. They would also have to upload the site manually using the FTP, either online or offline. If they wanted to share images they would have to add come code to the site, write some text, upload the image manually to the server and only then the world would be able to see. Sharing videos were almost out of question because online streams didn’t almost exist and hosting space and bandwidth were so tight that it made absolutely no sense to share a video. Internet speed would be 512 kbps at most.

In the Present:

Now we have Facebook, YouTube, Blogger and Pinterest. Each of these websites are the best in the world about what they do. Facebook can be seen as the aggregator, showing all kinds of content and just the best content even in real time if the user connects the other accounts with Facebook. YouTube is the best showing videos where as Blogger is the best for written information with dynamic templates and almost real time search. Pinterest on the other hand is the best way to share thousand of pictures.

In the Future:

Social media will never be the same again. If in the past we had information streamed all over the internet with no interaction between it, in the future all information and content will be able to interact with each other by crossing information and accounts. Today if you write an article, all accounts will be able to share it in real time, but in the future if you edit that article, then all accounts will edit it in real time, keeping all your information updated in real time. In the future, when we buy a book, all our friends will be able to see, read a chapter, “like” it and even buy that same book with a discount since it was referred by a friend.

Will Facebook be able to become the next big thing in social media? So far, Facebook has shown nothing new, all it does is the same it did 3 years ago with the difference of being slower, full of advertisements and with a new layout that most users do not like. Maybe the new Myspace will become the next big internet thing in the social media niche.

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