Backlinks-How To Avoid Link Building Mistakes For Your Blog?



Backlinks or Link building is the most important part of SEO because Google’s main business is to count the links pointing to a website or blog and to calculate the importance each link has in order to rank it for its relevance. Links are even more important than content or keywords because it is possible to see empty pages ranking at the top, without any content in it at all, and it is also possible to have high quality blogs, with thousands of unique articles, with information better than anywhere else, but since that new blog does not have incoming links, Google does not even consider it.

Here are link building mistakes you must avoid:

1. Making links from empty pages. Google sees this as non natural link building and will probably not even consider such links. If you are going to great a lot of blogs full of links and no content, they will pass negative rank and you will just waste time, money and see your traffic going down because of using such technique. If you are going to create a blog with more than 100 links from it to your main blog, then write content at least one a monthly basis for Google to see that such blog is active and to give it come voting power. Google is well aware that automated bots can create empty pages with links to other blogs and such blogs have no usefulness to Google users.

2. Links from sites and blogs with no links pointing to them. If you are thinking about starting a thousand blogs and link them all to your main blog, well you have to learn that each blog will have almost no voting power since they do not have links pointing to them. If you are going to create a hundred blogs to promote then main blog, at least share all these blogs on social networks to get some incoming links and give them some voting power. Sharing is a powerful way to get traffic and links from other sites and blogs to your secondary blogs to give them some voting power. Share all your secondary blogs or Stumble Upon, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus at least. You can consider some other networks but the traffic is not worth it because most traffic comes only from Google and Facebook.

3. Link farms are the worst type of links. If you start websites or blogs with nothing but links, Google will lower your search engine positions because links from link farms are worse than having no links at all pointing to you.

4. Links from low quality sites or blogs instead of improving a website’s rank, it lowers it! This can be called negative link building because you get links from bad websites which may have trojans and viruses and spam and sell links, and these sites will actually lower your search engine positions. Get links only from highly trusted websites and blogs. The university websites are the best of all, so for example, if your business is poetry, email that university to consider your poem and maybe you will get a link back from them.

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