Accountability Partner: How to Find it for Your Blog?


I got off a Skype call the other night and finally realized I had stumbled upon one of the BIGGEST secrets to success in any business!

When I was failing at internet marketing I had no plan, no strategy and everything stunk.

Over the past few weeks I have got to work and developed a plan and a strategy and a reachable set of goals.

I also have one other massive advantage that I’m sure 99% of unsuccessful people don’t have.

You see working on your internet business can be a lonely place indeed. For most people the only person that is giving you the ideas, motivation and strategies is…YOU.

And this is bad.

I am terrible at motivating myself. Instead of hitting that daily goal…’s easier to switch on the xbox and play some Battlefield 3. Because I really need to rank up and get that new gun…..ergh…..Fail.

Accountability Partner

When I got off my Skype call with my new accountability partner I knew I had stumbled across something big. No, something massive.

This was a huge driver that will push my business forward and keep my motivation on full throttle.

An accountability partner is just that. It is someone you share your main goals and smaller weekly goals with. You are both then held accountable for each other.

It forces me write weekly tasks and it makes me do them. I don’t want to dial in the next week having done nothing especially if my Accountability partner has completed all his task! It motivates me to succeed!

We also share tons of ideas. Having someone to talk to about Internet Marketing ideas and strategies is an amazing time to come up with new ideas and products.

If I was doing that on my own I know I would struggle.

How to get an accountability partner?

You have to network on blogs,  forums or in the Facebook groups.

Put yourself out there ask the question. I bet there are tons of people reading this just like you who are craving for an accountability partner to help them out.

What can you do right this second to move yourself closer to success? What about put a comment below stating you are looking for a partner!

Share this post and ask if anyone out there wants to pair up.

Seriously this is the ONE thing I have done that has made the most difference. You will amazed at what you can achieve with an accountability partner. Don’t go it alone!

I would love to hear your comments.

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