6 Points How To Select A Logo For Your Blog – A Real Case Study

If you are in a struggle to find or select a new logo then you are in the same situation as I was some time ago and luckily you have come up to the right place. Lucky you.

So what was the problem with the previous logo, nothing. I just wanted to renew to keep my self-excited. See it’s a phenomenon of life; you need to keep the excitement alive to live better.

Having said that so I opted to search for something new and exciting. Found a new theme idea and started to work on the logo.

I was quite convinced to keep the current logo and just alter the colors and some minor modifications. So drew a concept and operated the Photoshop to bring the result. As I am not Expert “expert” I didn't make it to my dreams and here it is:

Though it was quite close but after giving it a real face I was not convinced to have one. Here are the following things I kept in mind to select a logo. Try to place a paper pencil to have better results.

1. Forget about the business, if you want some identity of anything of your own, what image you would like of it to come first in your mind. Would it be a stylish or simple text, any picture, any symbol? 

2. See you seriously need to think it first. Just close your eyes and thing what’s the first thing in your mind. 

3. Whatever you decided will be the base for the next step. Now see what your business is about. Like if you have a baby toys business you need to have some bright and fun colors if you choose text. So now the color combination. Let me help on that.

Target audience\customers\clients are: 
Young ones: Fun and bright colors, most will like to see images then simple texts. 
Adults\oldies: don’t ever think they ask for dull colors. Original colors are good for them. There is a different between bright, dull and original color. If you don’t understand, search it.
Females of any age: would love to see a delicate and hi fi brand type of logo.

4. If you are confused on what picture to select then it might include. 
Your vision statement related things.
Your products.
Your type of business.
Or any unique shape you need.

5. When you are clear you can create one or freelance the project.

6. If and only if you are not interested in this process this this whole work can be done by many free lancing services.

In my case my target audience was everyone. I choose 2 original colors red and blog and white for the font. My theme was my blog will be more enlightening then ever so I added up a sun type shape on the top. I can’t answer that why this sun is conical because my heart said me to do as it is. So cheers.

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