5 Ways to Monetize Twitter to Make Money Online

Many companies use Twitter to blindly promote their products and services with none real thought or reason on the way to use this valuable social media tool to truly increase sales. We’ve put together five tips to assist you create the foremost out of Twitter and switch it into a sales and marketing tool.

1. Don’t use Twitter as an advertising platform

This is something that we see all too often. Companies check in to Twitter purely to tweet endlessly on how great their company is, what new products they need available, and why you ought to buy things from them. It doesn’t work – Twitter’s not an advertising platform or billboard.

2. Engage with your followers and other users

This doesn’t mean you should try to sell to them, either! Help your followers, answer their inquiries and questions, and use Twitter as a tool to market yourself indirectly as an industry guru and helpful soul.

3. Run competitions

Competitions work fantastically on Twitter. You can divulge products as a prize reciprocally for asking Twitter users to follow and retweet your competition tweet. This way, the tweet will roll on and on, gaining followers and retweets. Make sure the prize is fairly substantial, though; money-off vouchers just won’t cut it.

4. Include your website link on your Twitter profile

This might sound incredibly obvious, but you’d be surprised at what percentage people don’t do that . There’s even a dedicated URL field. It costs you nothing, so put your URL in here and permit your Twitter followers to browse your website and become potential customers. If your tweets are mainly industry-related, you'll even find it to be a potentially valuable backlink.

5. Get it on the conversation

Twitter’s search function is invaluable for locating people that are talking about your products, services or industry. It takes no time or effort to reply to messages or get in on the conversation. Be careful to not encounter as a salesman – be helpful and informative and don’t leave of your thanks to promote your website or products.

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