5 SEO Factors That Will Improve Your Website Page Rank

Here in this post, we have listed 5 SEO factors that will improve your website page rank are as follows:

Factor 1: Incoming links

Links are the most important Page Rank factor when it comes to have a very high Page Rank and ranking high on Google. Officially Google says that content is the most important factor, but in reality we see empty pages and blogs ranking at the top, proving that content is not nearly as important as the incoming and Page Rank.

Factor 2: Keywords

The only thing that search engines can see when calculating your Page Rank are the keywords you have on your pages. Keyword rich websites always have higher Page Rank as you can see on the search results. For example, Wikipedia usually ranks at the top for any topic, such as moves and celebrities. This happens because not only Wikipedia has more links from other sites and blogs than most sites, but also they have more keywords as their articles are much longer. Search engines look at the keyword density to calculate the rank, but they also use another more important factor which is the number of times a keyword appears on a page. The higher the number the better and there is no limit to how many times you can write that keyword on your website or blog. However you are advised to keep keyword density under 3% or search engines are more likely to rank your content as spam.

Factor 3: Website speed

Speed is more important now than ever and Google officially says it. Today, with optic fiber internet, people expect sites to load instantly. Improving the site speed depends on many factors such as server speed, CMS speed, plugins to cache pages, removing extra code from pages and also using external servers to load some images. Start by upgrading your server. If you are using shared hosting that’s the slowest service you can buy. A virtual dedicated server or even dedicated server is dozens of times faster and the extra speed will bring more customers which will buy more products to pay the extra expense. As for CMS, most people use WordPress but few people know that Super Cache for WordPress is a plugin which will cache all pages serving static pages instead of dynamic pages, saving CPU speed to more important tasks. If you use too much code on your pages then it will take time to load. Remove code that is not critical to your site such as extra advertisements, too many tracking tools, etc. If you use images heavily, consider a second server just to serve them, unless you use dedicated server.

Factor 4: Internet and external links

Links from your pages to other pages with useful information also increases the Page Rank. Take a look at Wikipedia and see how many links they have to other Wikipedia pages and external websites. The more links you create, the less voting power each link will have, but the combined voting power is greater and Google loves to see pages with dozens of links to other pages.

Factor 5: Social votes

Social search will be the future of search because people use more social networks to find content and information than they use search engines. Google is now counting +1 votes as important to the search rank and Page Rank. Ask your friends to like your pages and watch your Page Rank going up.

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