Top 10 Best Sad Poetry in Hindi Collection

Here are ten popular Hindi poems that may be considered sad or melancholic in nature:

"Aaj Bhi Uski Yaad Sataati Hai" ("Today, I Am Still Tormented by His Memory") by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
"Aansu Bhari Hai Yeh Aankhen" ("These Eyes Are Filled with Tears") by Sahir Ludhianvi
"Nahin Likha Agar Fasaana-E-Dard" ("If the Tale of Pain Was Not Written") by Mirza Ghalib
"Zindagi Ka Safar" ("The Journey of Life") by Kishore Kumar
"Mujhe Kuchh Kahna Hai" ("I Want to Say Something") by Kaifi Azmi
"Pyaar Ka Pehla Khat" ("The First Love Letter") by Nida Fazli
"Yeh Dard Bhara Afsana" ("This Painful Tale") by Javed Akhtar
"Yeh Dukh Bhari Zindagi" ("This Painful Life") by Bashir Badr
"Koi Umeed Bar Nahin Aati" ("No Hope Remains") by Faiz Ahmed Faiz
"Abhi Abhi To Dil Ko" ("Only Recently, My Heart") by Javed Akhtar

I hope these suggestions are helpful!

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