What is auto blogging?

auto blogging

Auto Blogging, as from the name it is clear that this is a type of blogging where the contents are generated automatically. If you had no time to create your own content, you can do auto blogging to create the content on your blog and can earn some money through it.

What is Auto Blogging?

Auto blogging is a blogging category where the contents are easily gathered automatically using RSS feed. There are various auto blogging software available which makes it easy for you to gather contents from other websites automatically and allows you to edit the content and thus by a little bit editing in the content, you can easily save and publish those contents on your blog.

This is one of the easiest ways of blogging in which blog owners don't need to invest much time on content creation. Just by a little bit of editing, they are able to gather good content for their blog. They will just schedule it or publish it on their blogs.

Mainly, auto-blogging is done to generate some ad revenue and thus you can earn some money from it without wasting much time. Generally, Auto bloggers create multiple auto blogs on various niche topics and thus with little bit editing, they can earn money through it. 

Auto blogging and some other approaches which are carried out with minimal efforts are generally referred to as passive income generation.

Auto blogging software plays a key role in this type of blogging. They allow to edit the content gathered from other websites RSS feed. They also provide the options to include the link of the original content with attribution and link back. This is generally considered fair use. 

Copying entire content from any other website is illegal unless the required content is in the public domain. So, before publishing any content gathered from auto blogging software, it is necessary to make a little bit change in the original content using the editing options integrated into the software. Also, it avoids the search engines to mark the content as duplicate.

This software is also integrated with a translation option which helps the users to translate the required content into some other language different from the language which the original content holds.

What is Content Spinning?

Content spinning is one of the best alternative used by auto bloggers now a days. Content spinning generally refers to the translating of the content from its original language to some other language and then again back to the original language. This will change some of the words and phrases used in the content and thus you can publish it directly on your blog. Many content spinning software is also available to make it easier.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Auto Blogging

Advantages of Auto Blogging

>>Less time investment in content creation.
>>Regular automatic new content updation.
>>Earn money online by serving ads on your blogs.

Disadvantages of Auto Blogging

>>Adsense accounts can get suspended due to copyright issues.
>>Google can penalize your websites due to duplicate content.
>>Need to provide original content source URL and attribution at the end of each post.

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