How to use Youtube Twitter integration to earn money?

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How to use Youtube Twitter integration to earn money?

As you had already heard of Youtube and Twitter, these are two different giant social media platforms holding a large mass of crowd visiting every day. There are various ways of Youtube Twitter integration which will help you to increase the traffic on your blog, website, youtube channel, as a result of which will lead to an increase in your online earning.

Youtube: 1.95 billion monthly active users, 500 million daily active users
Twitter: 400 million monthly active users,  100 million daily active users

Before starting this post, I want to state that earning money online is not an easy task. You should be passionate enough to be creative to earn money online.

This method of Youtube Twitter integration works best for those who fulfill these three criteria listed below:

>>A blogger with a blog having Google Adsense approved on that blog.
>>A video maker having a Youtube channel with Google Adsense approved for that channel.
>>An affiliate marketer with product-based affiliate links to promote on their blog as well as Youtube video.

Now let's check some of the important ways for youtube twitter integration which can lead to an increase in your earning overnight.

Step 1: Link Youtube Account to Twitter.

Step 2: Find out some popular hashtags ( # ) on Twitter. Write at least 10 popular and interesting hashtags on a piece of paper.

Step 3: Go to google trend and search for those hashtags ( # ) in google trends. Target top 5 trending hashtags having the most traffic from all over the world.

Step 4: Write a creative post on those topics for your blog as well as make an attractive video for your youtube channel.

Step 5: Upload those posts to your blog and then upload the related video to your youtube channel.

Step 6: Embed those videos with their respective posts on your blog.

Step 7: Search for affiliate products related to the hashtags ( # ) used by you for your posts and videos.

Step 8: Embed the affiliate links URL within the posts you published on your blog.

Step 9: Provide those affiliate links in the Youtube video description section of each of the videos uploaded by you on Youtube.

Step 10: Finally tweet with those hashtags on Twitter. You have to make an attractive headline for those tweets. Tweet once with the Youtube video URL and once with the blog post URL. Repeat the process for all the five posts as well as the videos.

Wait for overnight to see the magic of Youtube Twitter integration !! Check the traffic for those videos and posts the next day.

Share your results in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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