5 Social Media Management Tools You Should Consider

The importance of social media and the various social networking channels have already been established. However, not many, except for the expert professionals in the field of marketing, are aware of the popular social media tools. These social media tools play a significant role and help business enterprises derive the maximum benefits out of their marketing strategies. Here is a list of top ten social media tools that you must not miss out:
1. Mention
Introduced as a replacement for Google Alerts, Mention comes up as a user- friendly platform with several features that are actually of real benefits. Mention is built in a very clever manner, following the Apple approach and hence, providing a simple user interface and higher level of functionality. Mention facilitates the power to modify settings depending on the respective circumstances. What’s more, the tool offers simple controls that makes it possible to turn off specific sources but still monitor them in the spam folder. Further, the default email alerts takes the users directly to the source.
2. Addvocate
A very advanced kind of tool, Addvocate solves the problem of decentralizing your messages. It is always beneficial for a company if the employees can share stuffs through their personal profiles for the obvious reason that they have better social connections than the company.
Addvocate strengthens this concept by allowing employees to receive content recommendations from a central marketing team while also recommending content to this team. All this can be done rather simply by means of installing a simple browser plugin. The social media activities of the employees can then be obtained by the marketing team in the form of detailed statistics. Addvocate comes up as an easy-to-use and cost- effective maketing tool too.
3. Swayy
Swayy is indeed one of the best and the most effective tools that assist in executing marketing operations well. Swayy, as a platform, allows the interesting content to be dropped into the dashboard, where they can be scanned and read rather easily. However, the best part is that the platform allows sharing of content with the target audience across multiple platforms while also providing the opportunity to schedule the sharing times well beforehand.
4. Compflight
Over the years, it has become quite an established fact that photos and all other kinds of visuals work effectively in engaging people better. Hence, posting of photos in blogs and social media is a preferred option and the popular marketing tool of Compflight helps in doing so. The tool identifies those photos from Flickr that carry the Creative Commons license for commercial use. Compflight is a great tool for searching not just images for blog post but also objects, ideas and emotions that gets your marketing message through to the people in a more efficient manner. Additionally, the HTML code is available for proper attribution.
5. Socialbakers
Socialbakers brings up an effective tool called Analytics Pro, which offer a thorough understanding of how brands can be stacked up against the business competitors across the social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The easy-to-use interface enables users to input social media channel and get an idea of the channel growth and engagement rates. With this essential marketing tool, you can also get an idea about the most active social contributors with whom a healthy relationship of advocacy can be built.
With the above- mentioned tools, business managers can engage in a better accomplishment of their marketing goals and objectives.

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