List of 5 best search engine in the world

List of 5 best search engine in the world

A search engine is mainly used to search the web and choosing the best search engine for use help you to serve you well on the web
In this post, I will discuss the 10 best search engine in the world but nothing is best than google according to me
Google :
  • Google Search Engine holds the first place in the race of search engine for searching the web
  • It is one of the most popular and used products of Google available free of cost for internet users
  • According to the latest report from Netmarketshare, more than 75 percent of the Search Engine market has been acquired by Google
  • According to the latest Comscore report, more than 64 percent of searches were powered by Google
  • Even Alexa reports Google the most visited search engine in the world
  • Even the Mobile and Desktop search engine market is acquired by Google
Bing :
  • Bing, developed in 2009 is a Microsoft product to compete Google search engine
  • It  is the default search engine in Microsoft’s web browser
  • The team behind Bing, always attempt to make it a better search engine but still does not able to give Google a slight competition
Yahoo :
  • Since October 2011 Yahoo search is powered by Bing
  • Yahoo is still the most popular email provider but does not able to convince users in the search engine area
Baidu :
  • Baidu was founded in 2000 and it is the most popular search engine in China
  • It is currently ranked at position 4, in the Alexa Rankings
  • It's market share is increasing steadily and is the most used search engine in China :
  • Previously known as Ask Jeeves, is different from other search engines
  • is a question/answer community where most questions are answered by other users or are in the form of polls
  • If their resources don’t have the answer to any questions than it takes help from a particular third-party search engine
Recommendation: Google is the best search engine among all to be used

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