3 Blog Pages Every Blogger Should Create

3 Blog Pages Every Blogger Should Create

Hello Friends, Today I Will Suggest 3 Pages For Your Blogs Which Is Necessary To Create.
First Page: ABOUT PAGE
Every Blogger Should Create An Attractive About Page In Which They Should Answer Some Key Questions Honestly So That A Visitor Visiting Your Website Trust You.
  • Who We Are?
  • Motive For Creating This Blog?
  • How This Blog Will Be Beneficial For Visitors Surfing It?
According To A Survey, ABOUT Page Is The Most Visiting Page Of Any Blog Either Big Or Small, As The Visitor First Want To Know About Blogger Behind That Blog.
Second Page: CONTACT US
Every Blogger Should Create A User-Friendly Contact Form In Contact Us Page. Even They Should Provide Email Related To Their Blog And Respond To Each And Every Query Asked By Their Visitor.
It’s better to mention your email, voice call number, and official address if possible on your contact page
you should also integrate a feedback form in contact page where user can share their views about your blog as it will help you to improve your blog
In This Page You Should State :
  • What visitors information you use for your blog?
  • Why you need your visitor information?
  • Is your visitor information secured?
  • What Steps You Take For Securing Visitors Information?
A Privacy Policy is a piece of disclosure information about how the site gathers any information from the visitors and about the ads served.
It provides credibility and trustworthiness to your blog. Many ads serving programs including Google AdSense look for a privacy policy on your blog before approving you in their advertising network.
Hence, it becomes a necessity to add a privacy policy page to your blog

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