What is affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Most individuals who want to earn money online always has a question " What is affiliate marketing? "

Now in this post, I will answer this question " What is affiliate marketing? "

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy in which a business pays you some profit of the money they earn from the customers sent by you to buy their products or services.

Still, in doubt, no problem, let me explain you with an example:

Phase 1 - Launching a product: Suppose a led bulb manufacturing company manufactured a 20 watt led bulb, now they want to promote their product i.e. 20 watts led bulb.

Phase 2 - Meeting the advertiser: They will come to advertisers or promoters who will help them by letting people know about their new products by various advertising methods, either it be by offline advertising as newspaper ads, tv ads, wall banners, etc or by online advertising like social media advertising, website advertising, etc.

Phase 3 - Promoting the product: Now the advertiser will search for people who can promote the required product i.e. 20 watts led bulb to a large mass on behalf of them. 

Suppose you have a web page where many persons are visiting daily, then you ask you to promote that product on that page.

Phase 4 - Customer will buy the product: Now a visitor while visiting your web page has clicked on that link to buy that product, then you will get a commission.

Thus, the process of earning a commission by selling other's products or services is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves four players i.e. 
  1. owner/manufacturer/developer/creator of a product or services
  2. advertising network which acts as a platform for meeting owner with affiliates
  3. affiliates who will promote the product to earn a commission
  4. customers who will buy the product with the link provided by affiliates

Now a days, online affiliate marketing is preferred by major brands as they can cover a large mass of people surfing online in various parts of the world.

There are various affiliate marketing programs in the world as well as in India, enrolling with them you can earn a huge profit.

We are listing some of the best affiliate marketing programs in India, which gives you a great opportunity to earn money online by referring people to buy their products or services.

Best eCommerce affiliate marketing programs in India are as follows:

Amazon Affiliate Programs: As we all know that Amazon is a very large eCommerce platform that offers a large number of products and services. You can enroll yourself as an Amazon Affiliate easily and promote their products and services to earn a huge amount of money online by promoting the products listed on their websites.

Amazon hosts two websites and you can enroll yourself as an Amazon Associates on anyone or both websites and easily get the amazon affiliate link to promote their products.

www.amazon.in ( Recommended for Indians )

www.amazon.com ( Recommended for peoples outside India )

Flipkart Affiliate Programs: Flipkart is also one of the most popular eCommerce platform in India. You can register yourself as a Flipkart Affiliate to earn a huge profit by promoting affiliate links of the products listed on their website.

eBay Affiliate Programs: eBay is also an eCommerce platform that offers the best affiliate programs in India as well as the world.

Some other eCommerce affiliate marketing programs popular in India are the Snapdeal Affiliate program, Myntra Affiliate Program, Walmart Affiliate Program, Alibaba Affiliate Program, Shopclues Affiliate Program, etc.

Some best domain registration and hosting websites offer affiliate marketing programs to let you earn money online by referring someone to buy their services. Some most popular among them are Bluehost Affiliate Program, Godaddy Affiliate Program, Hostgator Affiliate Program, Wordpress Affiliate Program, etc.

Conclusion: In this post, we have shared the answer to your question "What is Affiliate Marketing?" and some of the best affiliate marketing programs to earn money online. If you have any suggestion, query or feedback, you can comment in the comment section below. We will try to reply you as soon as possible.

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