5 Content Types to Get You Noticed

We’ve heard it all before, right?  Content is king!
Meaning, the way to get noticed and drive traffic to your blog or website is by producing and providing high quality content that people actually want to read and from which they can learn.  You need to be creating value for your readers.
The question is, how do you do it?  How do you get your wonderful content noticed in a sea as vast as the internet?
Below I want to give you 5 content types to get you noticed.

1 – Infographics

Research, data, and statistics are already great ways to provide quality content because they are so difficult to dispute. Cold, hard facts can bring in a lot of readers.
However, you can take your content to the next level by including all of that factual data in an infographic.  Infographics take photo and image usage to another plane by coupling your awesome content with eye-catching images to tell the story in a very unique way.  Whether your infographic depicts the differences between iOS and Android or the top celebrities on Twitter, as long as the information fits your niche, your readers will want to read and share it.

2 – Lists

You’ve probably already seen the effect lists can have on your traffic.  Everybody loves a list.  Whether it’s “5 Social Media Gurus You Should be Following on Pinterest” or “10 Secrets for Getting Higher Google Rankings,” audiences like lists.  Providing a list of ideas, tips, tricks, secrets, or whatever, within your niche will get your followers attention and get them reading and sharing your content.

3 – How To and Problem Solvers

Every reader likes to know how to do something better or how to solve a problem they are having.  So another good way to get your content noticed is by writing post teaching your readers how to do something they don’t already know how to do, or by writing an article about how to solve a problem they can’t fix on their own.  How To posts should be clear and easy to follow.  Problem solving articles should be relevant and fresh — not about how to fix a boot problem when using Windows 3.x.  By using both How To posts and Problem Solving articles, you can grab the attention of your readers and get your content noticed and shared.

4 – Current Events and Newsworthy Items

If appropriate for your niche, find a recent news item or current events story related to your content and write a post based on that information.  Most people will read about news and currents events, if for no other reason than the fact that it is news.  Your readers don’t want to think they are out of the loop.  You can also use this as an opportunity to announce an upcoming release (press, software, movie, etc.) or a pending change to your blog or its design.

5 – Controversy

Nothing gets your readers’ juices flowing like a good, old fashioned controversy.  For good or for bad, your audience will be drawn to a piece highlighting your stance for or against something, especially if your opinion or stance is in the minority or in direct opposition to their own.  In all likelihood, this type of post will see a lot of traffic and shares.
Now it’s your turn.  What are some other content types that you use to get noticed?  I love hearing from you!

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