Wordpress vs Nucleus

Content management systems slash blog utility, this is the battle between Nucleus and the well known blogging platform Wordpress.  Nucleus is a CMS which allows users to manage multiple blogs all from one central administration screen, there are several features found in Nucleus which are also found in Wordpress but the few that are not included in Wordpress are definitively worth mentioning.  Nucleus is a very simple blog script and content management system which provides a straight forward user interface, the blogging script is free and can be downloaded straight from their site unlike other blogging tools which tie you up to subdomains.  Lets take a look at Nucleus features compared to Wordpress’s:

Multi-Blog Management:

Both Nucleus and the Multi-user version of Wordpress (Wordpress MU) offer multi blog handling capabilities and are very easy to configure, however in Wordpress some users might need additional plugins to make it work across multiple domains.

Site Aspect and Admin Area Organization:

Besides being an easy to use CMS/Blog application, Nucleus front store can be customized with several “skins” which are the same thing as “templates” in Wordpress, there are not many skins available for nucleus but you can get someone to design one for you; Wordpress in the other hand has no such as thing as shortage of themes, in fact this is the blogging system which has the most themes and plugins available, the community is very active in this matter and adds new themes and plugins on a daily basis.

When it comes to the admin areas, both Wordpress and Nucleus are very simple to use.  Nucleus has a left sidebar which is divided in three sections, one which manages the main area and provides links to your settings, items and comments.  The management area provides easy access to your action log,  global settings, member management, blog management, backups and plugin control.  The last area deals with the layout of your site and has direct links to your skins area, the templates    and an additional section which lets you import or export items, for instance you can choose to upload a picture from your hard drive directly into your blog for easy publishing, no need to upload it to an image folder using an FTP program.  Wordpress has a top navigation system which offers several options and matches each and every function found in Nucleus, the aspect of each blog can be customized in MU and the main administrator can set user permissions as well.


One of the nicest features Nucleus offers to its users is that they are able to use what are called bookmarklets which are installed in the web browser they use and if the blogger finds something relevant to their site they are able to create a blog entry directly from the pop-up window without the need to login to the admin area of Nucleus, the same holds true for site editing, users can visit their site and after login in they are able to do all the modifications necessary with the click of a button.

There are Wordpress bookmarklets available but they are not directly promoted as one of the standard features that come with the script, they have been mostly developed by the community so there isn’t much documentation about them.

The plugin arena is where most blogging  applications fall short when they are compared to Wordpress’s extensive plugin library, Nucleus is not an exception however the plugins available are quite useful and the community has also released some utilities in order to expand Nucleus core capabilities.

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