Wordpress vs Expression Engine

When it comes to blogging platforms there are very few that have a good set of tools which are actually useful, this is where platforms such as Wordpress and Expression Engine come into play.  Expression Engine is a blogging script which has a very nice back-end design making things very easy to handle for those pro bloggers and amateurs alike.  As good as things may sound for those interested in Expression Engine there are some downsides to this blogging tool, lets take a look at the good and the bad.

Flexibility and Design:

As you can see in Expression’s Engine home page the software is very flexible since it lets you customize every aspect of your site, you can choose among static pages, dynamic pages a mixture of both.  You could also do the same thing with Wordpress if you get someone to design a good-looking professional template for you, but for the most part all of the designs featured in Expression’s Engine site have been designed by professionals, the public theme gallery is proof enough since the default designs are very simple.

As far as Expression’s Engine template system it can be said that the interface which manages all templates is very well designed and easy to access from the admin area, in Wordpress you can have a different template for each site section or page if you wanted by creating your very own template file and uploading it to the determined folder, then when you are about to publish a page there will be several menus to the right hand side which let you choose the category of the page, the status and date of publishing and you will also see a tab that is called “templates” using this tab will allow you to publish your content using the template you just uploaded to your server.

Comparing both system’s template systems is actually hard to do because most people would argue that Wordpress’s page publishing interface is easy enough to use when choosing a page template; Expression engine’ template system on the other hand is very well organized and can be managed directly from the admin templates tab.

Pricing and Expansion Modules:

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Expression Engine is a paid blogging script which is distributed in three - shall we say - versions.  The most basic version includes all basic core functions, this version is free to use.  There are two extra versions which are paid but offer a lot more features than the core version, some of those extra features found in paid versions are: professional tech support, 1 year subscription for updates, forum module, blacklist module,     email/tell a friend module, photo gallery module, mailing list module, membership site, simple commerce module, etc.

Wordpress is a free blogging platform which can be expanded from it’s basic functionality through free plugins offered by the community, these plugins are able to do pretty much everything Expression Engine modules can, and the best part is that Wordpress is free.

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