T3Leads Review

There are many programs out there that will help bloggers earn some money. T3leads is one of these websites that will help a blogger earn some money from their blog. T3leads is one of the highest pay per lead affiliate programs on the Internet today. According to the company they provide their affiliates with a large amount of promotion tools that are constantly being reviewed and refresh in order to maximize performance. Using T3leads URL to work on both public websites and private websites run by you. What this means is that you sign up and T3leads as many affiliate feels that you can promote. If a visitor from your blog navigates from your site and does some sort of action on another webpage then you will get paid. It is quite simple actual

Signing up for T3leads is a very easy and painless process. Once you have signed up you are given an administrative panel is easy and simple to use. If you click on the header of websites and in the drop-down menu select “public websites” will be given a medium to large selection of landing pages. These landing pages are obviously geared towards pay per click (PPC) marketing. Website is extremely helpful in providing you with a list of keywords to use if you would wish to put a PPC campaign on your website or blog. You will need to be smart about your keyword choice because if you pick an oversaturated market it will probably end up losing money versus making money.

Besides having helpful list of keywords of T3leads to provide users with banners for both their company and affiliate campaigns held within their company. This is an extremely useful tool if you do not want to use the pay per click marketing scheme. You can simply just go ahead and get a banner source code with an affiliate ID and place in a neatly on your blog. By using this method of clicks are free and anyone who signs up for what ever the banners are advertising through your affiliate ID is profit to you. T3leads also provides you with the code for a pop-up banner, however; pop-ups generally drive away traffic than bring in traffic. Is this something you do not want for your website. Therefore it is probably a good idea to not use the pop-up tool.

Over all T3leads is a good program to use. The only thing that you should be concerned about is the fact that T3leads does not show how much the conversion of each campaign is worth to the users. Bother them that you get paid every two weeks, which is helpful because most people want their money when they get it in their account. Over all T3leads is a good program to use, you will only want to be concerned about how much money you are spending on your campaigns due to the lack of display of conversion rates if. Other than that T3leads is worth checking out.

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