ReviewMe Review

ReviewMe business simple paid to blog service from the same company that brought us the text Link ads. Text Link ads is a very trustworthy companies are definitely trust will not be an issue when looking at ReviewMe. Simplest form ReviewMe allows a blogger to earn money by blogging helps advertisers increase their site traffic, promote their products and get some feedback. The site is the middleman between bloggers and advertisers bid allows for bloggers to bid for the reviews or it allows for the bloggers to be personally selected by an advertiser. As far as the rules go an advertiser will sign up for a free account and hire a blogger to review and define their product. The man review fee is $40 for it by each and every review and advertiser cannot ask for a positive review. Bit up to the viewer to decide whether or not the website or product in question deserves a positive or negative review.

As far as things go for the bloggers, t he site has a quick and easy sign-up. You just need to fill out a form with your full name, e-mail address, desired password, full address, Social Security or tax ID (USA residents only), and the method in which you wish to be paid. It they offer payment via check, prepaid debit MasterCard and PayPal. You also must check a box that verifies that you are over 14 years of age. After signing up you are directed to the admin control panel. Here you are able to submit and manage your blogs. If you’re a new user you will immediately want to submit a blog. The site allows you to have up to six active blogs however, once a blog is accepted you may post about unlimited number of reviews on that blog. Cementing your blog or site is very simple. You just need to fill in a few simple required fields. Such as your blogging day, blog URL, category, blog language, six tags and a description of your blog. Once you have added your blog to the system and it will be rated based on your Alexa rank, Technorati rank your estimated feed subscribers.

As far as the payment schedule review many spheres 50% of your revenue this means you will get paid at least $20 for each completed review. The payment schedule is based on a monthly basis and you can get paid via check, PayPal or a prepaid debit MasterCard. Is extremely helpful because even though you only get paid once a month, you have various options as to how you would like to receive your money or payment.

Overall ReviewMe is a simple paid to blog service that allows bloggers to make money just by blogging. Which is something that they do already so it isn’t such a big deal to sign up for ReviewMe big house, they pay you to do what you already do: blog. Paid to blog services is something that is increasingly popular and ReviewMe is on the cutting edge of that industry.

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