Wordpress vs Yahoo 360

When it comes to social networking sites you have several options, there is the very popular MySpace, you also have Xanga, MSN Spaces and then there is Yahoo 360 - very cool name uh?  Yahoo 360 is a blogging and social networking service offered by the search engine Yahoo (obviously) but if you take a good look at it you will see that there is much work to be done in order to improve this tool, for instance the look and feel of the finished product (your blog) looks a lot like MSN Spaces, the layout is somewhat messy and disorganized and the entire blogging environment is not very flexible.  Compared to Wordpress, Yahoo 360 doesn’t even come close, this only takes in consideration the blogging capabilities since Wordpress is not designed to work under “just one roof”

Flexibility and Hosting Environment:

This is a big disadvantage all social networking sites have, instead of allowing the user to host his/her blog in their own servers they only have the option of hosting their blog in the provider’s servers.  This “feature” comes in handy if you have millions of visitors a month because you don’t have to pay for bandwidth costs but the possibility of a single user reaching that much attention is very unlikely.  Wordpress on the other hand can be hosted within Wordpress’s servers or you can download the application and host it in your own virtual server.  If you choose to host it in your own server you will need some basic technical knowledge but Wordpress’s site has several tutorials and help files which will help you do whatever you want with this tool

Blog’s Aspect and Administration Area:

Yahoo 360’s blogs look a lot like MSN Spaces blogs, the layout is not very intuitive and the use of background images within the site can be very annoying, for instance if you use a small 300X300 JPG image it will repeat in X and Y which makes your blog very hard to read and it distracts visitors.  There are several themes that can be applied to your site with the click of a few buttons but the amount of themes available for Wordpress is far superior.  The administration area found in Yahoo 360 is very simple and allows users to write entries, upload multimedia files and customize their site’s aspect, however there isn’t access to anything technical, for instance Wordpress users have access to widgets which lets them customize the look and feel of the navigation and sidebars without having to modify the source code, Wordpress’s administration area is easy to use and very powerful as well.

Weird URL Addresses:

Yahoo 360 assigns weird looking URLs to their blogs so you will not be able to share your site’s URL address, instead you need to provide your username so that people will be able to find you, this is a clear disadvantage if we compare it to the clean sub domains provided by Wordpress’s hosted environment.

Plugins - Any?

Lastly, this is major area where Yahoo 360 simply can’t compete with Wordpress, with the thousands of plugins available for Wordpress users can expand the core capabilities immensely, the sky is the limit.  When it comes to Yahoo 360 there are just a few tweaks you can do to include multimedia items in your site, however these don’t provide all the features plugins do.

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