Wordpress vs LiveJournal

Today’s content publishing and sharing applications to be reviewed are LiveJournal and Wordpress.  LiveJournal works and is very similar to services such as Google’s Blogger, Wordpress’s hosted blogs, etc.  The liveJournal system is hosted within their own servers but this doesn’t mean that is less powerful, on the contrary it turns out to be quite user friendly and easy to use.  The sign up process on LiveJournal’s site is very straight forward, however users must be aware that LiveJournal offers two types of accounts, a free account with basic functionality and a paid version which extends the core functions.

Site’s Aspect and Configuration:

LiveJournal system uses Layouts which do the same thing themes do in Wordpress.  LJ sites can be customized to fit any profile just like you would in Blogger.  Another similar characteristic LiveJournal shares with the popular publishing tool Blogger is the fact that they both have a frame at the top of the site, some people might find it annoying to have that top frame which may drive visitors away from the site (in Blogger’s case)

As far as content screening, LiveJournal doesn’t pre-screen content published on journals by users which is why some visitors might stumble upon adult oriented content, Blogger on the other hand is pretty though on content filtering so it is very unlikely that you will find anything offensive or of that nature hosted in Blogger’s platforms.  Wordpress’s hosted environment is also tight as far as the content they let users publish on their servers, the downloadable version of Wordpress is free from any sort of content restrictions, so users may publish virtually anything but they must take legal responsibilities within the country they operate.

Configuring a LiveJounal site’s aspect is very similar to using Blogger themes and is a straight forward procedure, in Wordpress you can also apply any theme you want as long as you upload it to the theme folder in your host and activate it in the presentation tab.


This is the point when LiveJournal sets itself apart from Blogger and Wordpress.  LiveJournal site owners are able to post to their site using the nice Voice Post feature, this feature allows users to dial a phone number and a pin code in order to record a message which will be posted to their site, if the length of the recording is of 30 seconds or less, the audio is automatically transcribed by SpinVox which is a transcription system which interprets human voice and turns it into text; the only downside if you can call it that way is that it is paid and included with the Plus version of LiveJournal.  Wordpress doesn’t have this particular feature.

LiveJournal users can also have direct access to LJ through clients which interact directly with the platform, the clients are compatible with many OS, including those found in Handheld devices. LJ can even notify your Facebook contacts when you have created a new post in your journal.  LJ also offers compatibility with Photobucket however this feature is not that exclusive since Wordpress also has plugins which allow it to do the same with Flickr and many others.

The bottom line to LiveJournal is that is quite simple to operate, community based and has nice features if the user is willing to pay extra, Wordpress is a free script which can be expanded if the user takes some time to customize it and install the plugins desired.

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